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  Healthier Hawaii: ‘Stop the Bleed’ initiative

In many cases, bystanders are the first people who can help someone who’s suffered an injury. But many don’t know what to do.

  Healthier Hawaii: Pediatric physiatry

  Healthier Hawaii: Answering questions about vaccinations

  Hawaiian Word of the Day: Malihini

  Healthier Hawaii: Hospitals required to put standard charges online

  Healthier Hawaii: Window safety

  Healthier Hawaii: Heart Health

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  Hawaiian Word of the Day: Mahiai

  Healthier Hawaii: Diet Trends

  Healthier Hawaii: Running the right way

  Healthier Hawaii - January is cervical cancer awareness month.

  Healthier Hawaii: Stress during the holidays

  Healthier Hawaii: Managing Diabetes

  Healthier Hawaii: National Hospice and Palliative Care month

What is palliative care for those who don't understand and know? Palliative care is a special kind of medical care that's provided to people who have serious illnesses or potentially life-limiting illnesses. The goal is to improve their quality of life...

  Healthier Hawaii: Telemedicine

Today on Healthier Hawaii, we’re talking about telemedicine with Dr. Amy Corliss.

  Healthier Hawaii: How to start seeing exercise as a prescription

Living a healthier life can come in small increments, not in major life changes. Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Jill Inouye from the Pali Momi Medical Center joined Sunrise to talk about how to get fit.

  Healthier Hawaii: Primary care physicians

Doctors are expressing the importance for young people to choose a primary care physician.

  Healthier Hawaii: Breast Cancer Research

  Healthier Hawaii: Atrial fibrillation

  Healthier Hawaii: Back to school tips on social media, e-cigs and more