Healthier Hawaii

  Healthier Hawaii: Concerns over Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine

The CDC and FDA have lifted a temporary pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

  Healthier Hawaii: Concerns over youth sports and COVID-19

There are concerns of an uptick in COVID-19 cases related to youth sports.

  Healthier Hawaii: State now in Phase 1C of COVID-19 vaccination plan

Hawaii is now in Phase 1C of its COVID-19 vaccination plan.

  Healthier Hawaii: Long symptoms of COVID-19

While many patients recover from COVID-19, some can still have symptoms weeks or even months after infection.

  Healthier Hawaii: Concerns about missing second COVID vaccine dose

Severe weather on the mainland delayed shipments of the coronavirus vaccine last week, and some awaiting their second dose are worried about having to postpone that shot.

  Healthier Hawaii: Vaccinations underway at 2 mass clinics on Oahu

Vaccinations are underway at two mass clinics on Oahu.

  Healthier Hawaii: What we should know about the UK variant of COVID-19

The UK variant of Covid-19 has now been confirmed in Hawaii.

  Healthier Hawaii: Concerns grow over new COVID-19 variants

There are growing concerns over new variants of coronavirus, one found in the U.K. and another in South Africa.

  Healthier Hawaii: A mass vaccination effort is underway. Here’s what you need to know.

A vaccine should be coming soon. It’s been a bright spot for a few weeks now.

  Healthier Hawaii: What to know about the COVID-19 vaccine

A vaccine should be coming soon. It’s been a bright spot for a few weeks now.

  Healthier Hawaii: How to cope with the fear and anxiety of the pandemic

For more health and wellness tips and information, visit

  Healthier Hawaii: Impact of COVID-19 on lung health

This month we’re focusing on lung health and how COVID-19 affects our lungs.

  Healthier Hawaii: Exercising safely during the pandemic

As restrictions lift, a lot of people may be getting back into their fitness routine.

  Healthier Hawaii: How the pandemic is affecting breast cancer patients

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  Healthier Hawaii: Flu season during the coronavirus pandemic

As the pandemic continues, medical experts are especially worried as we get into flu season.

  Healthier Hawaii: How to care for your kupuna during the pandemic

The coronavirus is especially dangerous for our kupuna.

  Healthier Hawaii: Children and COVID-19

As public and private schools have gone back into session, we’re seeing more cases of coronavirus in children.

  Healthier Hawaii: How to wear your face mask properly

When you wear your face mask, we want to make sure you wear them the right way.

  Healthier Hawaii: How frontline workers are dealing with COVID-19

The number of cases and hospitalizations is going up here in Hawaii.

  Healthier Hawaii: Car safety for keiki

Because of the pandemic, car seat inspection stations have been shut down, but you still need to make sure your keiki are safe.

  Healthier Hawaii: How long-term care facilities are controlling the spread of COVID-19

There are now confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Oahu long-term care facilities.

  Healthier Hawaii: Seeking help for emergencies during the pandemic

Amid the pandemic, some may be nervous to seek medical care at hospitals or clinics in person.

  Healthier Hawaii: Telemedicine options during COVID-19 pandemic

For those experiencing non-coronavirus health issues, but don’t want to go to a clinic, more telemedicine options are available.

  Healthier Hawaii: Keeping keiki active during virus pandemic

With the pandemic closing schools and keeping people at home, more kids are becoming more sedentary.

  Healthier Hawaii: Seeking care during virus pandemic

Dr. Leslie Chun, CEO of Hawaii Pacific Health Medical Group, has more details on some alternative options for seeking care.

  Healthier Hawaii: COVID-19 and children

We know older adults are more at risk for coronavirus, but parents may have questions about what to do for their children.

  Healthier Hawaii: Plant-based diet

We’re hearing more and more about plant-based diets and meat alternatives.

  Healthier Hawaii: Signs and symptoms of heart disease

In this Healthier Hawaii, we’re focusing on the signs of heart disease and new advancements to help manage it.

  Healthier Hawaii: Heart health for keiki

February is Heart Month, and while we focus on ourselves as adults, it’s important to focus earlier with our children.

  Healthier Hawaii: Healthy aging

Improving your health is a common new year’s resolution, but it’s especially important for older people, older adults.