Kaiser student wins Hawaii News Now contest for a free semester of college

  Foodie Fix: Lady M crepe cakes come to Waikiki Teahouse

  What’s trending: Tennis ball boy, Downton Abbey trailer

  Trending: Smoke and Mirrors, Jason Momoa GOT reaction, Lionsgate theme park

  Taimane Gardner nominated for three Na Hoku Hanohano awards

  Great Futures Day to support Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii

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  Healthier Hawaii: Risk factors and prevention tips for stroke

  MMA legend looking for new fighters in Hawaii for upcoming Bellator event

  Vet on the Set: Importance of checking the health of your dog when adopting

  Connor Snow nominated for Na Hoku Hanohano award

  Entertainment News: The Voice, finale viewership, Na Hoku Hanohano awards lineup

  What’s Trending: Game of Thrones, Esquire’s worst finale list

  Locations looks at master-planned communities on Oahu

After World War II, developers housed babyboom families in master-planned communities.

  Taylor Inouye is back and has a sweet cake recipe to share

Taylor Inouye shows us how to bake some sweet rainbow cake push-pops.

  Kamaka Camarillo nominated for best Hawaiian single and music video in 2019 Na Hoku Hanohano awards

Kamaka Camarillo has been nominated for two awards for his song “E Pii Mai.”

  SmartMoney Monday: Business Insurance

On today's SmartMoney Monday, we discuss how to use insurance as a financial tool to help their business.

  What’s Trending: Game of Thrones water bottle, NASA internship

  It’s down to the final 4 on ‘The Voice’!

  MMA champ MacFarlane back home after successful title defense

  Music festival to feature internationally acclaimed musicians

  St. Francis school wins 3 state titles in a 2-week span

  What’s Trending: Game of Thrones petition, Snapchat filters

  A young boys fight against a rare brain tumor is bringing awareness of DIPG

DIPG Awareness Day is May 17.

  Ohana Matters: Building financial responsibility

Children as young as 7 years old learn about money habits from their parents.

  Entertainment: The Voice Top 4, Britney Spears, Ruthie Ann Miles, Magnum P.I., Awkwafina & Uheuhene

Recap of 'The Voice' Tuesday night; Britney Spears update, Hawaii actress Ruthie Ann Miles in new CBS show, Magnum P.I. and Hawaii 5-0 now on Friday nights, Awkwafina to be honored in Maui & Uheuhene debuts GoFundMe page.

  Geek Beat: Google Pixel 3A and Lens, Oura Ring, Apple TV

The Oura Ring is a wearable device that your sleep through the night.

15th Annual Celebration of Life “Honoring our Island Heritage”

For the first time in 14 years, we have themed this year’s Celebration of Life -- ”Honoring our Heritage.” It’s truly a celebration to honor the memory of loved ones passed as well as the many cultures that make up Hawai’i Island’s unique and culturally rich community...

May 15th is International Water Safety Day

International Water Safety Day is a worldwide effort designed to spread global awareness about drowning prevention, and is specifically geared towards educating youth about beings after in and around the water. This is critical here in Hawaii because...

Business Report: Honolulu mortgage payments, and mainland comparisons

This chart measures average monthly mortgage payment, comparing Honolulu to lots of places on the mainland.The importance of this is that the infamous Hawaii reputation for being expensive is based mostly on housing costs.Other Hawaii costs are comparable...

  Senior Fraud Awareness Day to raise awareness of scams targeting kupuna

Financial fraud isn’t just an increasing problem – it’s increasingly targeting seniors.

  Surf competition to raise money for Boys To Men Mentoring

It’s called Full On Foil and is a surf competition that aims to raise money for Boys To Men Mentoring.

  Beat event raises money for American Heart Association

The Beat Event will help to raise awareness and prevention of heart disease for people in Hawaii.

  Billy’s Entertainment: The Voice top 8, Spiderman local actor for United Air, Momoa ax throwing

The top 8 in The Voice competed last night performing duets of Beatles songs.

  CO2 concentration in Earth’s atmosphere has reached its highest level in 800,000 years

New data from Mauna Loa Observatory shows that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere has reached its highest level in 800,000 years.

  What’s Trending: Gorillas don’t like rain, preschooler steals show

Gorillas at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in South Carolina show some very human like qualities as they try to get out of the rain.

  Microplastics beach cleaning machine undergoes testing in Hawaii

We spoke with Jean-Felix Tremblay and Samuel Duval, two of the minds behind the Hoola One project.

  Ask the mayor: Sherwood Forrest, monster homes, vacation rentals

Mayor Kirk Caldwell explains why he didn’t sign the monster homes bill because he worried it would have unintended consequences for regular single home owners.

  SmartMoney Monday: How to keep your finances organized

The key is to set things up properly so you’re organized and efficient.

  Trending: New plastic invented, math dance, Alec Baldwin

Scientists at Lawrence Livermore Lab have developed a new kind of plastic.

  NFL players to host youth football camp this weekend

A couple NFL stars are here in Hawaii for the Family Foundation’s Inaugural Hawaii football camp.

  Hawaiian Word of the Day: Onipaʻa

ʻOnipaʻa means steadfast, set solid and immovable.

  Foodie Fix: Ranking the flavors of Spam

It’s time for your Foodie Fix and we have from Frolic Hawaii Lee Tonouchi here to talk a little it about our favorite breakfast meat ... Spam!

Volunteers work together to help clear invasive mangrove at Heeia fishpond

The effort to restore a thriving and abundant He’eia fishpond has been ongoing for the last 20 years as 4,800 linear feet of fishpond wall has already been rebuilt.

  Multiple events to take place across the state for National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is coming up tomorrow.

Billy V: ‘The Voice’ recap, 98 Degrees coming to Honolulu, Dave Chapelle wins Mark Twain Award, ‘Avatar’ and New Star Wars release dates

If you haven’t watched “The Voice” for awhile, now is the time to start watching. You’re now getting to see the best contestants of the competition every night. While performance night was this past Monday, contestants like Kim Cherry...

What’s Trending: Dancing with a new limb, GOT re-edits, Behind the scenes with the Avengers, Detective Pikachu

There’s a reason this kid is dancing. He just got a new prosthetic leg after years of being without one. Ahmad Raman is now 5 years old. He was only 8 months old when a landmine took his leg during a fight between Afghani forces and the Taliban...

  Dream expert analyzes two violent dreams

Dream expert Paul Unkrur is here to interpret two violent dreams.

Business Report: Hawaii hotel performance across the whole first quarter

We do this month-by-month, but this is January, February and March combined...

  Trending: Lacy sings the Moana song

After weeks of repeated requests, Lacy has finally agreed to sing the song from the movie “Moana”.

  HPD officer honored for fight against drunk and drugged driving

MADD Hawaii and Toyota are honoring Captain Ben Moszkowicz of the Honolulu Police Department with their inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.

  Kauai’s mayor discusses the delay on reopening Kuhio highway

The state recently decided to push back the opening date for Kuhio highway, after last year's historic floods.

  Stamp out Hunger has begun with USPS

This Saturday, May 11, 2019, your US postal carrier is trying to raise money and food for the hungry.

Business Report: April home sales

Oahu 318 houses (up 10% from 289)Median price $767,000 (down 2.9%)Oahu 476 condos (down 13% from 547)Median price $416,000 (up 0.7%)Big Island 209 houses (up 10% from 198)Median price $355,000 (down 8.7%)Big Island 108 condos (up 18% from 90)...

  XLR8HI offering support for businesses

Growing new businesses requires moxie, money and mentorship.

  What’s Trending: NPR theme song, monster trucks, Harry baby arrival

NPR is changing the theme song to its morning news program.

  Emergency Preparedness Fair to offer tips and tools for preparedness for natural disasters

The Mililani Emergency Preparedness Fair is coming up this weekend.

  SmartMoney Monday: Planning ahead for disasters

Catherine Sato, of Bank of Hawaii, shares some important tips for planning ahead in this SmartMoney Monday.

  25th annual Race for the Cure opens Mother’s Day weekend

Susan G. Komen Hawaii is launching registration for the 25th annual Race for the Cure.

  Here’s a breakdown of the successes and failures in this year’s legislative session

Hawaii News Now political analyst Colin Moore is here now to break down successes and failures at the capitol.

Business Report: Unemployment and inflation are down, so why are wages?

Unemployment is low, yet inflation is low. And wages are low. That's unprecedented says the Oracle of Omaha. Warren Buffett says textbooks never mention even this possibility. So what happened? Some of it can be explained. Buying power has eroded...

  Parade of Farms showcases Waianae products

It will be on Saturday, May 4 from 10AM-4PM at Kahumana Organic Farm.

  Illuminate Twilight walk for Queen’s Medical Center west Oahu

The fundraiser will help the hospital offer more services to the community.

  Hawaiian Word of the Day: Loea

Loea can mean skill, ingenuity, cleverness; it also means an expert, ingenious and handy.

  Sunrise Open House: Molokai

In this week’s Sunrise Open House, we explore Molokai.

  Trending: Chewbacca, airlines rankings, London Marathon

The man who portrayed Chewbacca in the Star Wars series has died and the tributes are pouring in.

  Hula, Hawaiian music and books featured in this years Hawaii book and music festival

The festival will feature performances by local musicians as well as books from local and national writers.

  7th annual Hope Gala to benefit American Cancer Society

This year’s theme is Midnight in Venice.

New book on the life of Rap Reiplinger to be released this weekend

Rap Reiplinger was one of Hawaii’s most famous comedians. If you’re from here, you probably know him from one of his legendary skits. Replinger, the man who gave us Aunty Marialani and countless other memorable characters, died unexpectedly back in 1984. Initially we were told it was an overdose..

What’s Trending: Denisovians, The Real Sesame Street, Dancing baseball player, Fan vs. flag

Most people know there used to be a second human species we call Neanderthals. But bones in a Siberian cave 40 years ago suggested a third strain we call Denisovians. Now a Buddhist monk in Tibet has found a 160,000-year-old skull in a cave. Tibet is nowhere close...

Business Report: April arrivals by Air

Domestic to Honolulu 361,036 up 20,000 + 5.3%To Maui 183,517 up 18,000 + 11%To Big Island 74,335 up 1,000 +1.2%To Kauai 55,835 down 6,000 -10.2%From Japan 139,417 up 6,000 +4.5%From Elsewhere 74,761 down 5,000 -6.5%Total 888,901 up 31,000 +3.7%

  Geek Beat: Chatterbox, Ulta Beauty app, bitmoji games

There’s a new app for Ulta Beauty that allows people to virtually try on makeup.

  Healthier Hawaii: Health benefits of physical activity

Sit less and move more: That’s the goal according to the latest federal physical activity guidelines.

  The Voice: Competition heats up as only 13 artists will move on to the next round

There were 24 performances last night, but only 13 artists make it through to the next round.

  Trending: Game of Thrones, Yeti footprints, post merrie monarch

A battle scene in Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode took over 50 days to shoot.

  A year after historic flooding on Kauai and Oahu, residents look to improve flood insurance plans

Here are some tips on how to better protect your home before flooding.

Day 3: Sunrise goes ‘On the Road’ to Hilo for Merrie Monarch 2019

The Merrie Monarch Festival begins this week!

  Foodie Fix: New dessert menu at MW Restaurant

For this week’s Foodie Fix, we go to MW Restaurant to try some ono desserts!

  3rd annual Faith Summit on homelessness

The third annual Faith Summit happens on May 3 at Aloha Tower Marketplace.

  Hermes renovates space in Waikiki

Hermes has renovated its space in Waikiki.

Day 2: Sunrise goes ‘On the Road’ to Hilo for Merrie Monarch 2019

The Merrie Monarch Festival begins this week!