Entertainment: National Smooth Jazz Recording Artist Kenney Polson at Blue Note Hawaii

  Entertainment: America’s Got Talent Recap for July 30, 2019

Hawaii recording artist Meleana Brown set to release new album

  What’s Trending: Howard Dicus learns more about binge watching

  March of Dimes CEO and president receives national award

  Local musical ‘Petrichor’ prepares for run at Ronald E. Bright Theatre

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  What’s Trending: A very hungry kid, and Will Smith vs. Will Smith

  Business Report: Priciest hotel room rates in tropical destinations

  Foodie Fix: “Da Kitchen” at the Univ of Hawaii; John A Burns School of Medicine

  ‘Unstoppable’ documentary dives into Bethany Hamilton’s surfing journey

  Annual keiki hula competition starts Thursday

  Medical expert explains how to protect yourself from harmful UV rays

  What’s Trending: Penny the dog teaches lesson of determination

Have you ever started the week feeling like this? You keep trying and trying and yet, you’re just not going anywhere.

  Business Report: Alternative measures of unemployment

There are six different ways the Department of Agriculture measures unemployment.

  Big Island Substance Abuse Council holds 7th annual Summer Jam

There will be a lot of activities showing off fitness and strength.

  Interview: The Best of Honolulu Festival is happening this weekend!

The Best of Honolulu Festival is coming up this Saturday at Honolulu Hale.

  What’s Trending: Top Gun Maverick releases first trailer

  What’s Trending: Does facial recognition really work?

  Hawaii Youth Symphony gearing up for 2019 Pacific Music Institute

  What’s Trending: Disney releases first trailer for upcoming live-action film ‘Mulan’

  Business Report: Are you an ALICE?

Derek Hough and Ciara to co-host NBC’s Annual ‘Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular’

What’s Trending: When docs are wrong, Milestone anniversary, Gaga for Gaga, Everybody loves a Slip n’ Slide

We can all be wrong, even doctors. Oregon Health & Science University looked at thousands of studies published in recent years in the AMA journal, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the Lancet. More than one in 10 amounted to a medical reversal – that is...

Business Report: A look at side trips

How many visitors to Hawaii see multiple islands?These are actual counts from the month of May – stays of one day or less.Kauai: 11,000 (one in 10)Oahu: 21,000 Molokai: 2,600 (half of all visitors)Lanai: 3,500 (more than half)Maui: 13,000 Big Island...

  Ala Moana Fourth of July Celebration Is This Thursday!

Ala Moana is holding its annual celebration and fireworks this Thursday night, July 4, 2019. Kamakakehau Fernandez has a preview performance for us coming up. But first, we're talking to Reimy Megurikami Stanley from Ala Moana; we're asking her about what Ala Moana has in store!

  BYU Hawaii student becomes newly crowned Miss Hawaii 2019

Holbrook will be gearing up for the Miss America pageant, although date has not yet been announced.

  Business Report: President Trump pressures Fed to ‘juice’ the economy

Congress deliberately structured the Fed so it would be cushioned from this sort of thing.

  Business Report: New report highlights Hawaii housing trends

The study included a number of indicators, including how long people have lived in their homes.

Business Report: Visitor arrivals in June are up

The increases follows a trend seen in recent years.

  Makalauna Celebration at Waikiki Beach Walk honors Gabby Pahinui

The event starts at 4:30 p.m. at Waikiki Beach Walk Plaza.

  Business Report: Money and Fed reserve

The Fed tomorrow will announce a decision on interest rates.

  Business Report: Last weekend’s box office numbers

The most successful blockbuster hit over the weekend was “Men in Black: International,” which brought in a whopping $28.5 million.

Sunrise On The Road: Maui Film Festival

Entering its much anticipated twentieth year of cinema-under-the-stars, the 2019 Maui Film Festival announced its full lineup of honorees, screenings and special events happening June 12-16, 2019 in Wailea. Taking place at the Celestial Cinema...

  Business Report: Population of selected Pacific Islands

Howard explains how the size of a population affects the size of the economy.

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell in D.C. to meet with FTA

Mayor Kirk Caldwell has gone to Washington, D.C. to meet with officials...

Geek Beat: The latest tech from Apple, Microsoft and Google

The Geeks are back! Burt Lum and Ian Kitajima from BYTE Marks Cafe take a look at the latest...

Sea Life Park sets the stage for Makapuu Twilight Concert series

Sea Life Park Hawai’i announces the 2019 lineup for its popular Makapu`u Twilight Concert Series, now in its fourth season. The series will present acclaimed local musicians performing outdoors in the breathtaking Makapu`u Meadows, with Saturday shows...

Business Report: American wealth

Bloomberg News created a chart that puts current distribution of wealth in context.The top 1% hold almost 40% of U.S. wealth.The last time things were like this was in the Great Depression.The top 1% get most of their income from stock dividends.Dividends come from...

  UH Manoa Mechanical Engineering Team heads to Nebraska

We are talking to Connie Young and Stephen Cadiz, UH-Manoa Mechanical Engineering students heading to international automotive competition in Nebraska to design, build and compete a small Formula One-style vehicle.

  Education Inspiration: Waipahu High School’s Law & Justice Academy

Waipahu high school offers a number of “academies” for their students. These academies prepare students for certain fields that they may be interested in. They also engage students in a different, more practical way. Take a look at their Law and Justice Academy...

  June is Scoliosis Awareness Month

Scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine, affects approximately 5 percent of children and 30 percent of senior citizens. Females are at higher risk of developing the condition. Without treatment, scoliosis can cause chronic pain, disability and loss of organ function...

40th Annual Pan-Pacific Festival

The 40th Annual Pan-Pacific Festival runs from June 7-9 in Waikiki and this year. For the last 40 years, Pan-Pacific Festival has been a celebration of Hawaii’s diversity and rich culture through the arts, crafts and food. The festival...

Re-use Hawaiʻi Celebrates 10 Years

Local nonprofit organization Re-use Hawaiʻi to celebrate its 10-year anniversary with a fundraising event at its Kakaako Redistribution Center on June 8 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.The June 8 fundraiser features entertainment by The Mākaha Sons...

What’s Trending: Shin kicking, Empty-nesters, Baby conversation

We had the Downhill Cheese-Chasing competition, and the World Toe Wrestling Championship. But there is a new championship: “The shin kicking world championships”. The goal: kick your competitor’s shins until they fall down. Rules: Steel toe caps are banned...

Kitchen Creations: Metro Grow Hawaii

MetroGrow Hawaii is an urban, vertical farm located in Kakaako. Utilizing aeroponics and other technologies, it is growing high quality produce in a controlled environment for the restaurant and gourmet markets. Our ability to carefully control the growing environment...

What’s Trending: Helping the elderly cross, fastest baby, Giant lizard, Jason Momoa hates single use plastics

CBS News tweeted out a video from Singapore. You can see it’s taking the man with a walker a really long time to cross the street. The other man is trying to help him but it’s not working. So what does he do? Puts the man on his back and carries his walker to the other side...

  Oahu teen loses battle with rare, aggresive brain tumor

14-year-old boy was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma

Whats Trending: New mosquito repellent, alligator in home, NYC Penthouse, The ultimate lei

400,000 people a year die of malaria, caught from mosquitoes. And we didn’t like mosquitoes to begin with. The University of Maryland has a solution, but we’re a little leery of. It genetically modified a fungus with Australian spider venom...

SmartMoney Monday: Keeping your cards safe from data breaches and fraud

Data breaches are a growing problem, especially when your card number is compromised. In 2018 alone, over 2.6 billion records were stolen or exposed and the FTC reported that card fraud accounted for 30% of their identity theft reports. Once a criminal gets a hold of a stolen credit card number...

Business Report: The best states to find a job

Hawaii has the lowest jobless rate in the country. Yet Wallet Hub ranks Hawaii only the 30th best state to find a job. Now, why is that? The category counts show that.Lowest jobless rate: first.Most job opportunities: fifth.Lowest average starting salary...

  Business Report: April tourism data for the islands

On today’s business report, Howard looks at April’s tourism data, island by island.

  Entertainment: The Voice Top 4, Britney Spears, Ruthie Ann Miles, Magnum P.I., Awkwafina & Uheuhene

Recap of 'The Voice' Tuesday night; Britney Spears update, Hawaii actress Ruthie Ann Miles in new CBS show, Magnum P.I. and Hawaii 5-0 now on Friday nights, Awkwafina to be honored in Maui & Uheuhene debuts GoFundMe page.

15th Annual Celebration of Life “Honoring our Island Heritage”

For the first time in 14 years, we have themed this year’s Celebration of Life -- ”Honoring our Heritage.” It’s truly a celebration to honor the memory of loved ones passed as well as the many cultures that make up Hawai’i Island’s unique and culturally rich community...

May 15th is International Water Safety Day

International Water Safety Day is a worldwide effort designed to spread global awareness about drowning prevention, and is specifically geared towards educating youth about beings after in and around the water. This is critical here in Hawaii because...

Business Report: Honolulu mortgage payments, and mainland comparisons

This chart measures average monthly mortgage payment, comparing Honolulu to lots of places on the mainland.The importance of this is that the infamous Hawaii reputation for being expensive is based mostly on housing costs.Other Hawaii costs are comparable...

Billy V: ‘The Voice’ recap, 98 Degrees coming to Honolulu, Dave Chapelle wins Mark Twain Award, ‘Avatar’ and New Star Wars release dates

If you haven’t watched “The Voice” for awhile, now is the time to start watching. You’re now getting to see the best contestants of the competition every night. While performance night was this past Monday, contestants like Kim Cherry...

What’s Trending: Dancing with a new limb, GOT re-edits, Behind the scenes with the Avengers, Detective Pikachu

There’s a reason this kid is dancing. He just got a new prosthetic leg after years of being without one. Ahmad Raman is now 5 years old. He was only 8 months old when a landmine took his leg during a fight between Afghani forces and the Taliban...

Business Report: Hawaii hotel performance across the whole first quarter

We do this month-by-month, but this is January, February and March combined...

Business Report: April home sales

Oahu 318 houses (up 10% from 289)Median price $767,000 (down 2.9%)Oahu 476 condos (down 13% from 547)Median price $416,000 (up 0.7%)Big Island 209 houses (up 10% from 198)Median price $355,000 (down 8.7%)Big Island 108 condos (up 18% from 90)...

New book on the life of Rap Reiplinger to be released this weekend

Rap Reiplinger was one of Hawaii’s most famous comedians. If you’re from here, you probably know him from one of his legendary skits. Replinger, the man who gave us Aunty Marialani and countless other memorable characters, died unexpectedly back in 1984. Initially we were told it was an overdose..

What’s Trending: Denisovians, The Real Sesame Street, Dancing baseball player, Fan vs. flag

Most people know there used to be a second human species we call Neanderthals. But bones in a Siberian cave 40 years ago suggested a third strain we call Denisovians. Now a Buddhist monk in Tibet has found a 160,000-year-old skull in a cave. Tibet is nowhere close...

  Trending: Retirees moving, giant gorilla, slush cup

New data shows that more retirees are moving to New Mexico, Florida and Arizona.

  Business Report: Why the road tax proposal is NOT fair

This idea rides on the false presumption that people have a choice about how much they drive. Most driving is not discretionary. The typical taxpayer does most driving when commuting. How long your commute is, depends on how far you live from work...

  San Francisco’s award-winning dance troupe, Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu, presents ‘I Mua: Hula in Unusual Places’

Kumu Hula Patrick Makuakāne and his award-winning dance troupe, Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu, return to the Historic Hawaii Theatre (1130 Bethel St., Honolulu) for two performances only with their entirely new show, I Mua: Hula in Unusual Places. Na Lei Hulu's newest production...

  Sax Max Hawaii to debut at Gordon Biersch at Aloha Tower Marketplace

The premiere of Sax Max Hawaii will be an exhilarating event to enjoy jazz, R&B, blues and soul performed by Hawaii’s foremost saxophone musicians: Jesse Snyder, Jason Gay and Larry Cook. Joining them are Dean Taba on bass...

  Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival launch event happening on April 25 + 26

The Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival (HFWF) will honor influential celebrity chef Rick Bayless at its second Culinary Heroes launch event. In his first appearance on O‘ahu, Bayless, who was part of a small group of chefs to introduce...

  Business Report: New figures on Hawaii’s minimum wage

There have been many stories about small businesses that worry a higher minimum wage will harm them. For balance, a report from the Hawaii Appleseed Center for Law and Economic Justice. The current minimum wage is $10.10 an hour - or roughly $21,000 per year. Raising it to $17...

  Entertainment: Shazam, Hellboy, GOT, George Clinton, Owen Wilson and Hugh Jackman; The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black; Aulii Cravalho, The Makaha Sons and Daniel Dae Kim

Entertainment: Shazam, Hellboy, GOT, George Clinton, Owen Wilson and Hugh Jackman; The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black; Aulii Cravalho, The Makaha Sons and Daniel Dae Kim; Movies, Visiting Celebs, Working Celebs, Performances and a National Premiere/Fundraiser for Cancer

Ritz Carlton, Kapalua Hosts The 27th Annual Celebration of the Arts

Ritz Carlton, Kapalua Hosts The 27th Annual Celebration of the Arts. Hawaii’s most reputable artisans, educators, cultural practitioners, speakers and entertainers April 19 & 20, 2019 on Maui.

  SmartMoney Monday: Going green to save green

Everyone wants to save money and save the planet. With Earth Day around the corner, now’s a good time to learn how being green can help you save the green bills in your wallet. What are some things people can do?Generall, the philosophy is to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Such as install

  Business Report: State tax receipts

Tax receipts July 1-March 31:Excise and use taxes $2.6 billion -0.4%Personal income taxes $1.7 billion +5,1%Transient accommodation tax $$450 million +12%Corporate income taxes $83 million +33%TOTAL $5 billion +2.6%

  Hawaii Community Foundation assists in Kauai Flood Recovery

It's been nearly a year since historic floods devastated Kauai. The Hawaii Community Foundation has been part of the recovery efforts since the beginning. Darcie Yukimura is here to tell us more.

  Slim’s Power Tools “He-Man Competition” Is Coming Up!

Slim’s Power Tools “He-Man Competition” Is Coming Up! Sunday, April 28, 2019 on Oahu at Slim's Power Tools on Republican Street.

  Pacific Rim Report: Tense times in the China Sea

There have been some tense events in the South China Sea lately. David Santoro from the Pacific Forum came in to explain the dispute happening in the China Sea for this week’s Pacific Rim Report...

  Business Report: Job growth and job shrinkage

It’s time for Howard’s Illustrated Economics. This morning – job growth – and job shrinkage.Health care +70,000Professional services +37,000Leisure and hospitality +33,000Construction +16,000Government +14,000Financial +11,000Information +10,000Mining and utilities +3,000Transportation...

  Healthier Hawaii: Answering questions about vaccinations

On this segment of Healthier Hawaii, we’re talking about vaccinations; our guest is Dr. Doug Kwock; Chief Medical Officer and Pediatrician from the Pali Momi Center. Grace Lee asked him to address the number of cases of measles in particular. Dr. Kwock talked about measles, flu season and more

  Business Report: Updated gas prices across the nation

Hawaii usually has one of the highest average gas prices in the nation, but with the rise in oil prices, states all across the United States are beginning to see an increase at the pumps. For today’s Business Report, Howard takes a look at some of the highest gas prices in the U.S...

  Hawaiian Word of the Day: Malihini

The word malihini refers to a foreigner, a stranger or newcomer to a place.

  What’s Trending: ‘Joker’ trailer, A love story, Dog is April fooled, Janties

Warner Brothers has released the first trailer for “Joker.” The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as the iconic villain. Joker hits theaters on October 4. By the way - it’s Heath Ledger’s birthday today. He played the Joker in The Dark Knight...

  Foodie Fix: Kitchen gadgets

For this week’s Foodie Fix, we are cooking up some magic in the kitchen. Frolic Hawaii contributor Thomas Obungen came in to talk with Grace Lee about some unique kitchen gadgets.