BBK Worldwide Launches TCN® Engage, a Disruptive Tech-Service Ecosystem for an Inclusive and Positive Clinical Trial Experience

Published: Feb. 7, 2023 at 2:55 AM HST

Breakthrough Clinical Trial Support System Establishes a New Standard in Engagement

BOSTON, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- BBK Worldwide (BBK), the global leader in maximizing the clinical trial experience for patients and providers, today announced the launch of TCN® Engage, a breakthrough engagement ecosystem dedicated to providing a full array of visit support services from the time a patient responds to an advertisement for a clinical trial opportunity through to their completion of the study.

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Administratively burdened and portal-fatigued, clinical trial staff have historically not had the resources necessary to devote the amount of time needed to effectively enroll patients. As a result, sponsors are leery of initiating the very programs needed for fear that providers will be further taxed by administering key recruitment and engagement programs—centralized media outreach, reimbursement, international travel arrangements, long-term stays in foreign countries, home health, interpreters, legal support and a host of other extensions of visit care. With TCN Engage and BBK's highly experienced concierge staff, who are trained on the requirements of each protocol and condition, this long-standing and confounding problem is resolved. In one central solution, TCN Engage allows sponsors to provide study staff with the right support so that they can support the right patient in the right mode and at the right time.

"Everything key stakeholders understand about creating an informed participant and managing their experience is now accessible from one platform," says Joan F. Bachenheimer, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, BBK Worldwide. "When BBK promises 'we support the patient journey,' we are not talking about just a few stops and then claiming those stops equal a journey."

TCN Engage harnesses intelligence from BBK's 40-year history of service to healthcare systems, hospitals, providers and the research and development community. The rich data and efficient processes TCN Engage retains allows for an adaptive environment and the ability to cost-efficiently solve shifting enrollment priorities on a real-time basis. "While others are just starting out, BBK maintains the real-world intelligence on clinical trial priority topics such as decentralization, accessibility, eConsent offerings, electronic patient diaries, worldwide reimbursement, travel rates, patient recruitment and engagement statistics across countries, major therapeutic and condition categories, and rare disease subsets," says Rob Laurens, Chief Patient and Provider Officer, BBK Worldwide.

TCN Engage is helping sponsors to create meaningful connections within the entire study community and, most importantly, offer patients a more accessible, inclusive and equitable experience. "Our software, concierge support and success managers are tantamount to having a corps of ambassadors at each study site for study promotion, acceptance and completion," says Bachenheimer.

TCN Engage software is validated against predicate rule, is GDPR compliant, adheres to US privacy laws and offers expansive networking capabilities through API integration while maintaining the highest standards for security and network efficiency.

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BBK Worldwide, a Publicis Health company, is a global, full-service R&D marketing firm that equalizes access to care by removing barriers to clinical trial participation. BBK Worldwide has maintained its position at the forefront of patient recruitment and engagement for 40 years. The company's approach to clinical trial enrollment prioritizes meaningful and authentic patient engagement that supports diverse, equitable and inclusive participation for phase 1 through post-approval studies. Headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, BBK has partners and offices across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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