Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign's New Project to be Connected with Generation MZ: We're in Sync!

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 4:00 AM HST

The K-Heritage universe in your hands

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cultural Heritage Administration (Administrator Eung-chon Choi) and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (President: Young-chang Choi) unveiled a new project of the 2022 Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign: "We've Got the Feel: Being In Sync!" in an effort to more closely communicate with Generation MZ – "Millennials" born in 1981-1996, and "Gen Z" born in 1997-2012 - using metaverse contents and videos.

Video Clip of “Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign X Studio Choom”
Video Clip of “Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign X Studio Choom”(PRNewswire)

The project mainly consists of online content people can enjoy indoors in the upcoming winter. Six episodes of video content produced in collaboration with K-pop artists have been uploaded one by one every week on the YouTube channel "K-Heritage TV" from November 18 until December 2.

ZEPETO, Asia's largest metaverse platform, opened its new map of Gwanghalluwon Garden of Namwon – including "Folk Music Route," one of the Korean Cultural Heritage Routes - and a game map of swing running on November 18.

The first content unveiled is "Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign X Studio Choom" in collaboration with STUDIO CHOOM, a K-pop dance channel created by dance artists and crews. They uploaded "We Will Rock You" by HOOK - a dance team featuring on the famous dance competition show "Street Women Fighter" on November 18 and "RUN2U" by the girl group STAYC on November 25.

These video contents present glamorous performances by K-pop artists dressed in fusion costumes decorated with the beauty of the quietly seated palaces, which can be seen at Gyeonghoeru Pavilion of Gyeongbokgung Palace and Huijeongdang Hall of Changdeokgung Palace, and traditional touches as well as stunning graphics.

For V-log content that tours Korean cultural heritage sites, "Prehistoric Landscape Route," a traveling episode by creator Hyejoon, was uploaded on November 22, while the new episodes will be opened on November 29, including "Gwandong Pungryu Era Route" and "Mythic Landscape Route" to show various ways to enjoy the cultural heritage.

On December 2, a new version of "Korea In Fashion" will be released on YouTube channel "K-Heritage TV," which has recorded 820K hits since 2020. Following "A Day in the Life of A Princess" in 2020 and "The Dream of A Princess" in 2021, the episode of this year will display the unique and diverse styles embedded in the traditional Korean outfit.

This year's new episode will showcase new fashion styles inspired by the Royal Guards' traditional costumes. The contents will demonstrate beautiful garments designed in collaboration with a modernized Hanbok suit brand Rieul, in Gyeongbokgung Palace and Mireuksa Temple Site of Iksan, which are the main spots featured in the "Royalty Route" and "Baekje Antiquity Route."

ZEPETO also increases the number of tour courses in the campaign. Previously, the Mythic Landscape Route was only available on ZEPETO. However, the Folk Music Route has been recently added as of November 18. The Folk Music Route covers the cities of Jeonju, Mokpo, Jindo, Gochang, and Namwon, where visitors can fully enjoy Namdo folk songs, while ZEPETO realized Namwon's iconic pavilion Gwanghalluwon on metaverse.

On the map of Namwon Gwanghalluwon Garden, a deduction game based on the motive of Chunhyangjeon story, people can view the Gwanghallu, Wanwoljeong, Ojakgyo Bridge, Yeongjugak Pavilion, and Bangjangjeong Pavillion through a metaverse. On the swing running game map, users can enjoy Korean traditional culture by doing swinging via the metaverse ranking game.

To celebrate the release of new ZEPETO maps, various events with generous gifts will be held until November 30. They include a photo event and a global swinging contest.

More details about the Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign and "We've Got the Feel: Being in Sync!' are available on the campaign website (, YouTube channel "K-Heritage TV" (, and Instagram (@visitkoreanheritage).

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