Lightwave Logic Acquires Polymer Technology and Intellectual Property Assets of Chromosol Ltd (UK)

Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 3:31 AM HST

Assets Include a Critical Manufacturing Process for Foundry Process Development Kits (PDKs)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightwave Logic, Inc. (NASDAQ: LWLG), a technology platform company leveraging its proprietary electro-optic polymers to transmit data at higher speeds with less power, today announced that it has acquired the polymer technology and intellectual property assets of Chromosol Ltd (UK).

Lightwave Logic, Inc. Logo (PRNewsfoto/Lightwave Logic, Inc.)
Lightwave Logic, Inc. Logo (PRNewsfoto/Lightwave Logic, Inc.)(PRNewswire)

This acquisition significantly strengthens the company's design capabilities with foundry PDKs with extremely low temperature atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes that effectively hermetically seal polymer devices that have been prepared for high volume manufacturing. The advanced fabrication processes of ALD with temperatures below 100C will solidify the company's market position with both the company's manufacturing foundry partners as well as end-users as it prepares to enter the 800Gbps integrated photonics marketplace.

The acquisition also advances Lightwave Logic's patent portfolio of electro-optic polymer technology with an innovative polymer chemistry device patent1 that has potential to increase the performance of integrated modulators through optical amplification in a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) and enhance the functionality of the PIC by integrating laser light sources made using the polymer-based gain and a laser optical cavity defined on the Silicon photonic platform, with Lightwave Logic's high speed, high efficiency modulators.

Dr. Michael Lebby, Chief Executive Officer of Lightwave Logic, said: "Chromosol's' polymer technology and intellectual property patent dovetails well with Lightwave Logic's development of a polymer platform that not only enables 'green photonics' – but is foundry compatible with manufacturing PDKs.  Having access to extremely low temperature ALD allows the company's polymer modulators to be protected from the environment without the need of expensive and large footprint gold box packaging, propelling the company forward with chip-scale packaging as required by major hyper-scaler end-users. The patent opens a new class of PICs which expands our variety of devices.

"What is more interesting is that every foundry we have visited has ALD systems and equipment in place for semiconductor processing.  This acquisition for low temperature ALD processes provides a key piece of the PDK that we need when working with foundries for our polymers, and allows us to achieve our goals more effectively," concluded Lebby.

1 Patent entitled, "Optoelectronic devices, methods of fabrication thereof and materials therefor" with US patent number 9837794, EU patent number 3017489, China registration number 201480048236 & 201910230856

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Lightwave Logic, Inc. (NASDAQ: LWLG) is developing a platform leveraging its proprietary engineered electro-optic (EO) polymers to transmit data at higher speeds with less power. The company's high-activity and high-stability organic polymers allow Lightwave Logic to create next-generation photonic EO devices, which convert data from electrical signals into optical signals, for applications in data communications and telecommunications markets. For more information, please visit the company's website at

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