Nova Space and Space Prize Announce Scholarships for Space Challenge Winners

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 6:53 AM HST

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Nova Space a subsidiary of Pure Capital Solutions (OTC: PCST), and Space Prize have awarded the winners of the NYC Space Prize Challenge individual scholarships for the Nova Space Professional Development Program. Both organizations are passionate about diversifying and democratizing the space industry and have committed themselves to assisting STEM students from marginalized communities by offering programs and scholarships that pave the way for exciting careers in the growing space economy.

The unique collaboration between Nova Space and Space Prize supports national efforts to ensure that the space economy of the future is supported by a diverse workforce that includes underrepresented and minority communities. New projects currently under development from Nova Space include a K-12 space training program that supports creating a diverse pipeline of space professionals.

Nova Space's courses use proven learning science techniques to speed students to competency across the major mission areas for space-launch systems and understand concepts from spacecraft systems to environmental monitoring.

Completing the program gives learners the edge to stand out in the job market with digital credentials verifying skills crucial to success in today's space economy!

Nova Space's professional course is an excellent opportunity to launch individuals from all backgrounds into the space industry. The series design of courses is set to a new standard for baseline knowledge and professional development within the Space Ecosystem.

If you are excited about developing a career in the space industry, this opportunity is an excellent way to help you kickstart your dream.

About Pure Capital Solutions (PCST), Inc.

Since 2006, Pure Capital Solutions, Inc has been assisting small to medium sized businesses by investment and consulting. We have provided short-term financing, factoring, loans and consulting using our diverse expertise. We also directly invest in our subsidiaries and help them grow.  Learn more by visiting

About Nova Space, Inc.

Nova Space is a professional development company aimed at bridging the space industry's skills gap by offering virtual, asynchronous, and interactive space professional courseware to individuals from all backgrounds and to organizations that want to enhance their recruiting, training, and retention efforts to become more efficient and proficient within the growing space ecosystem. Our Space Professional Course offers prospective students and professionals a comprehensive and standardized foundation in space operations and astronautics and is designed to keep students engaged and prepare them to collaborate with other space professionals within the industry. Learn more by visiting and view our demonstration video.

About Space Prize

Space Prize was founded by Roman Chiporukha, Co-founder of Space VIP. Space Prize seeks to promote universal space literacy and inspire the next generation of private astronauts by connecting private citizens with a thrilling range of astronaut, earthanaut and aquanaut experiences.

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