Bidscale: A Software Solution for Modernizing and Accelerating Government Procurement

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 7:17 AM HST

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Bidscale is announcing the public launch and refresh of their flagship software, Bidscale Select.

Bidscale (PRNewsfoto/Bidscale)
Bidscale (PRNewsfoto/Bidscale)(PRNewswire)
Quick and smart government procurement leads to a stronger and more prosperous America.

Federal contracting is the backbone of America. From combat helicopters to scientific research, contracts underpin the operational effectiveness of our country. Contracting is big business, with $680B spent annually. Quick and smart government procurement leads to a stronger and more prosperous America.

The current process is burdened by a lack of digitization resulting in a five-to-seven-year timetable from contract conceptualization to award. This stifles the Government's ability to obtain the latest and greatest innovation. For example, if it takes five years to buy a three-year-old combat system, by the time it is purchased and implemented, the technology would be at least eight years old.

Bidscale has proven that the slowdown comes from a lack of tools necessary for Contracting Officers. These officers need to advance away from the usage of pens, highlighters, and post-it notes and move into the digital realm where collaboration, communication, and effective workflow tracking occur all in one place.

Addressing this situation has garnered bipartisan support, illuminated by the AGILE Procurement Act, a reformation that enhances agile technology acquisition across the Federal Government. Bidscale is addressing the situation too, saving time by digitizing the source selection process. Through a secure environment, Bidscale supports the full lifecycle of source selection activities including proposal submission, evaluation, consensus, reporting, and artifact generation.

It can take weeks for a Contracting Officer to compile and export source selection artifacts, but Bidscale does it in under ten seconds, and that is just one of the many features.

"I'm very proud to have seen Bidscale already successfully implemented during several major Federal Government source selection processes," said Tony Kwag, founder of Bidscale, "this company is committed to developing even more tools to continuously improve and digitize this contracting process. I believe Bidscale is a Govtech company to watch."

Bidscale was made for Contracting Officers by Contracting Officers, so it addresses the most pressing needs through the following product modules:

Evaluation – Allows users to virtually conduct proposal evaluations with supporting data on a single screen.

Contracting Artifacts – Allows users to manage contracting artifacts and auto-generate comprehensive reports.

Consensus – Users can run consolidated reviews to ensure quality control and adherence to source selection requirements.

Contracting Workflow – A progress tracker where users can centrally manage and report on the source selection process by managing progress, schedule, risk, submissions, and reporting. This feature is especially useful when team members are not in the same room.

Ultimately, Bidscale creates a source selection process that is repeatable, traceable, defendable, and scalable.

To request a Demo, please reach out to the Bidscale team. 

About Bidscale 

Founded in Arlington, Virginia, Bidscale is a software solution that is mission-focused on accelerating innovation across the Federal Government. Bidscale is a Small Disadvantaged Business pending 8(a) certification and has achieved SOC 2 compliance.

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