Madison-based Madtown Juniors Volleyball joins League One Volleyball

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 3:00 AM HST

MADISON, Wis., Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Madtown Juniors Volleyball joins the newly announced League One Volleyball (LOVB)—a first-of-its-kind volleyball community, with a network of junior clubs across the country and a professional women's volleyball league.

League One Volleyball (PRNewsfoto/League One Volleyball)
League One Volleyball (PRNewsfoto/League One Volleyball)

America loves volleyball––with 38 million former and current players, it's the most played youth sport for girls. Yet, while the Women's National Team won gold at the Olympics this year, there is no full-season professional league in the US.

LOVB is re-imagining the future of volleyball by building city-based professional volleyball teams with a community up foundation of enthusiastic junior volleyball clubs, including Madison-based Madtown Juniors.

Madtown Juniors joins the LOVB ecosystem today alongside junior clubs in 10 other cities. In partnership with LOVB, Madtown Juniors will provide access to best-in-class volleyball training, national resources for college scholarships and recruiting, and mentorship opportunities with pro athletes and coaches.

"We are so honored to be a part of the LOVB community," says Amy Angelos, Madtown Juniors Director. "LOVB is changing the game and building a community for our sport that has yet to be achieved anywhere else. The opportunity to grow the game, develop our athletes on and off the court, and be a part of building a professional league here in Madison and the USA is so special!"

LOVB also announced today that they will start to unveil a professional league in 2022, with support from an Athletes Council that includes Danielle Scott (5x Olympian & 2x Silver Medalist), Haleigh Washington (2020 Olympic Gold Medalist), Justine Wong-Orantes (2020 Olympic Gold Medalist), Kelsey Robinson (2016 Bronze & 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist), Kim Hill (2016 Bronze & 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist), Carli Lloyd (2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist), and more.

With the support of the Madtown Juniors, LOVB is propelling U.S. volleyball to new heights, creating an exceptional volleyball community, a better future for athletes, and an expanded love of the game at all ages.

About LOVB

League One Volleyball (LOVB) reimagines the future of volleyball in the US, creating a professional volleyball league and network of junior volleyball clubs across the country.

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