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UHA Connecting the Dots
Health & Wellness

Episode 50: Eat Your Heart Out with Charis Kihewa

This week on ‘Muthaship’ we talk story with Charis Kihewa, co-founder of “Broke Da’ Mouth Pupus” — famous for their local-style pickled onions, pickled cuttlefish and spicy taegu with ‘ōpae.
Episode 49: The Jaws of Maui’s Winter with Teen Surfer Steve Roberson
Put on your swimsuit and boardshorts and get ready for an epic ride! We’re catching waves with the Roberson family of Haiku, Maui on ‘Muthaship’ this week!
Episode 48: Winning Life’s Lottery with Leola Myerly
Having a child had always been a dream for former Oahu resident Leola Myerly, but she struggled with fertility issues ― and her dreams shattered when she learned she was born without a uterus.
Episode 47: The Daily Dish with Catherine Toth Fox
She’s known for her mouth-watering food posts and her adventures on the long-running blog ― Catherine Toth Fox joins us on ‘Muthaship’ this week!

Active (Episode 11)

In this episode, we take a look how some people are staying active during the pandemic.
Helping (Episode 10)
In episode 10 of Tell Me a Story, we take a look at how some people are helping their communities during the pandemic.
Surviving (Episode 9)
In episode 8 of Tell Me a Story, we take a look at a Big Island company called “HawaiiVerse,” which is helping other businesses stay alive by providing free advertising.
Talent (Episode 8)
While the pandemic has put a halt to many indoor and outdoor activities, many people are still finding ways to showcase their unique talents.

Episode 4: Families in Stress during the Pandemic with Dr. Theresa Wee

Dr. Wee talks about the importance of resilience, how to work as a family/team, and what we all need to incorporate daily for the success of our well-being.
Episode 3: Maintaining Health with Preventive Care with Dr. Kathleen Kozak
Dr. Kozak discusses how preventative care can help you in the long run, and the types of programs that are available for people who have a higher risk for chronic and/or life-threatening illnesses.
Episode 2: Dealing with Grief during the Holidays with Dr. Theresa Wee
Dr. Wee shares her personal experience with grief and offers resources on dealing with grief especially during the holidays.
Episode 1: Holiday Celebration Do’s and Don’ts with Dr. Kathleen Kozak
HI Now’s Kanoe Gibson “connects the dots” on “Holiday Celebration Do’s and Don’ts” with Dr. Kathleen Kozak.

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  DOE sets target date to bring elementary students back for full in-person learning
  Love’s Bakery, which struggled with pandemic losses, to cease operations
  Efforts underway to ramp up vaccinations for underserved populations in Hawaii
Hawaii governor withholds funds for corrections oversight
Forecast: Gusty winds persist, pick up again for the weekend
Green suggests a timeline for vaccination expansion, easing travel rules
Local restaurants partner with delivery service for food drive
  Hawaii grew up on Love’s Bakery. Now it’s imagining a future without it.
New hours in place for the popular Diamond Head State Monument