Pele's Path

  Harry Kim knows why people live at Kilauea’s doorstep. Because he’s one of them.

  Lava took this military veteran’s home. Rather than retreat, he simply bought the one next door

  A tale of two lava-wrecked homes — and two very different insurance policies

  A farming family blocked from their farm hopes a road carved into the lava leads them home

  A community leader loses her school and her home but not her hope

  Her home was spared in the eruption. The problem? She can’t get to it.

Continued Coverage

  Come what may, he’s open for business: ‘I’ll hang in there till the bitter end’

  She’s spent her life watching Kilauea. One thing she’s sure of: It will erupt again.

  Kilauea’s incredible changes evident at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Fissure no. 8: Where ‘No trespassing’ is taken as 'Welcome! Please proceed.’

  She fell into a coma before the lava came. When she emerged, ‘everything was gone.’

  Behind her smile: Grief over what’s been lost, faith in the power of her community to rebuild

  In a lava-locked kipuka, residents learn just how resilient they really are

"Everything you eat and need and want, you carry in."

  ‘Lives shattered’: His home was spared by lava. His community wasn’t.

"You're not looking at lava. You're looking at lives shattered."

  This home is gone. The driveway, too. But the mailbox was left unscathed.

To outsiders, it’s one of the few remaining signs that life once thrived on the plots of land that have been inundated.

  Here’s exactly how much lava came out of the ground during the 2018 Kilauea eruption

The numbers are staggering figures that are probably a little hard to visualize.