Special Features from Hawaii News Now

A Climate for Change

A three-part documentary series on how climate change is impacting the planet in real time and how people across Hawaii and around the world are being affected by it.

Imelda & Ferdinand: Exile in Hawaii

More than 30 years ago, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were ousted from power in the Philippines and landed in Hawaii’s lap. Their exile in the islands became a years-long, global spectacle.

The Mailbox

In this 30 minute special, chief investigative reporter Lynn Kawano lays out the allegations against Louis and Katherine Kealoha and prepares you for the biggest public corruption trial in Hawaii’s history.

Pele’s Path: The Journey Home

Filmed one year after the start of the 2018 Kilauea eruption, this documentary tells the stories of those who are on the long road to recovery, rebuilding their lives and their neighborhoods after lava flows ripped them apart.

Pele’s Path: The People of Puna

Featuring footage shot during the 2018 Kilauea eruption, this documentary offers a first-hand look at how those who have been impacted by the lava flow are persevering through some of the most challenging times of their lives.

Pele’s Path: Eyewitness to History

Covering a disaster like the eruptions on the Big Island takes a toll. And no one knows that better than the team of HNN reporters who have helped cover this remarkable story — of devastation and creation.

Prescribing Hope

There are more than 200 homeless people who suffer from severe mental illness on Oahu. They are among the hardest to help off the streets, but the state’s only psychiatric street medicine team is seeing successes with these seemingly impossible cases.

Prescribing Hope: Trapped on the Streets

For homeless people incapacitated by mental illness in Hawaii, years go by and nothing changes. They’re trapped. And their families struggle to get them help, despite a law passed five years ago that was supposed to offer a way out. Allyson Blair goes inside the effort to get these people treated, and shows what happens when they finally receive help.

Innocence Lost

A special full-length report detailing the story of Roynes Dural, a former member of the U.S. Navy who served eight years in prison and eight years on parole for child sex assault before his conviction was overturned.

Buried Evidence: The Lisa Au Case

Throw out everything you remember about the murder of Lisa Au. It wasn’t a police officer, or a police impersonator; a retired homicide lieutenant opens his files and reveals the buried evidence in this Hawaii News Now special report.

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole: Beyond the Rainbow

A quarter century ago, the album “Facing Future” from Israel Kamakawiwo’ole was released. Today, it’s the most successful Hawaii release of all-time — and IZ has become Hawaii’s voice to the world.

Inside The Search For Peter Boy

In 1997, Peter Boy Kema disappeared. The community rallied to help in the search, police scoured for leads, and his parents lied … for two decades. But finally, the lies have come to an end.

Hokule’a Homecoming

In a moving and powerful ceremony, tens of thousands crowd into Magic Island to welcome Hokulea home from her unprecedented, three-year voyage around the globe and to show their support for the trek’s core message ― to care for the earth.

Reclaiming Kaho’olawe

Hawaii News Now’s 30 minute special presentation on the island’s destructive history, restorative present and self-sustaining future.