COVID-19 Town Hall Discussions

  The New Normal - The Pandemic: A Year With Coronavirus

We discuss how the pandemic has changed Hawaii, how we’ve adapted, what changes will stay with us and how we can thrive despite the virus.

  The Frontline - The Pandemic: A Year With Coronavirus

Hawaii News Now speaks to frontline medical organizations who have played a critical role in the fight against coronavirus.

  Mayors' Response - The Pandemic: A Year With Coronavirus

In the second of our series of town hall conversations marking the anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hawaii News Now speaks to the state's four mayors.

  Vaccinating Hawaii

As millions of people across the country wait for their turn to take the coronavirus vaccine, there are still lots of questions. We want to help answer them.

  Coronavirus Pandemic: Youth Sports Sidelined

A panel of experts debates whether they think youth sports should restart, whether it’s safe to do so, and what impact the current restrictions are having.

  Coronavirus Pandemic: The Tourism Test

Experts from the visitor industry and healthcare sector weigh in on what it'll take to keep people safe while jumpstarting the economy.

  Coronavirus Pandemic: Businesses on the Brink

As the coronavirus continues to crush the local economy, small business owners and operators talk about how they're adapting to the new normal.

  Coronavirus Pandemic: On The Frontline

A discussion with paramedics, firefighters and emergency room doctors to talk about the challenges, the danger, and the stresses they face.

  Back To School: Keiki Concerns

Our expert panel of health officials and local leaders answer questions from Hawaii's kids about how the coronavirus is impacting their return to school.

DOE: All public school students will be learning fully in-person starting this August

COVID outbreak in Dept. of Public Safety’s training section swells to 20 cases

  UH institutes COVID vaccine mandate for all students who will be on campus this fall

  CDC mask guidance causes confusion

Hawaii reports 83 new COVID cases; no additional fatalities

More than 9,000 have already taken advantage of inter-island ‘vaccine passport’ program

  State, community groups partner to bolster mental health services for keiki

“All keiki deserve a fair start to succeed, no matter their socioeconomic status.”

With disconnection moratorium set to end, HECO urge payment plans

The moratorium on disconnections was extended several times throughout the pandemic.