Conflict on Mauna Kea

Hawaii House resolution creates Mauna Kea working group

The Hawaii House of Representatives on Thursday passed a resolution creating a working group to develop recommendations for new management of the state’s tallest mountain, Mauna Kea.

  State leaders seek changes in management of Mauna Kea

Thirty Meter Telescope opponents also against teaching telescope

University of Hawaii proposes teaching telescope on mountain

Science foundation discusses funding Thirty Meter Telescope

Hawaii ethics board receives petition over Mauna Kea protest

Plaintiffs seek judgment in lawsuit over Mauna Kea road

Continued Coverage

  Construction of Thirty Meter Telescope probably won’t resume until 2021

University of Hawaii considers new Mauna Kea management

Deal reached on TMT protest policing costs

Deal possible on paying for Hawaii telescope policing costs

Giant Hawaii telescope cost estimate increases to $2.4B

TMT opponents voice opposition outside of Japanese Consulate-General

A truce at Mauna Kea is almost up, but Big Island Mayor Kim wants more time

In December, law enforcement agreed to stand down and protesters agreed to move their blockade.

Mauna Kea rules implementation could take 6 to 12 months

Gov. David Ige approved the rules in January.

  India, a member of the consortium building TMT, wants project moved from Mauna Kea

Gov. David Ige was asked about the discord on HNN’s Sunrise on Wednesday morning and acknowledged that there are concerns from the project’s partners.

Governor approves new rules for management of Mauna Kea

Gov. David Ige on Monday approved long overdue rules for the management of Mauna Kea.

Decommissioning of 1 of 5 Mauna Kea telescopes on schedule

  In trial for 4 arrested at Mauna Kea protest, prosecutors call TMT blockade ‘unjustified’

  TMT on the agenda at national astronomy conference in the islands

Hawaii telescope protest site clear for 1st time since July

  As promised, TMT protesters move tent blocking Mauna Kea Access Road

Telescope protest puts Hawaii County police $3M over budget

  In major deal, TMT protesters agree to temporarily clear Mauna Kea Access Road

Protesters stressed they’re not leaving their encampment ― or the mountain.

Deadline arrives for TMT protesters to remove structures at Mauna Kea

It's still not clear if the deadline will be enforced.

  ‘The Calling’: As TMT stalemate continues, those on both sides prepare for long fight

In the eyes of government, the protest camp that went up at the base of Mauna Kea is operating outside the law. But for those who at Puuhonua o Puuhuluhulu, the protest is about so much more than a telescope. They camp, day after day, because ― they say ― they have a calling to protect the aina.

  As state withdraws law enforcement from Mauna Kea, protesters say they won’t follow

In a statement, TMT said it sought to put construction on hold because it had concerns the state was unable to provide safe access for everyone.

Hawaii County Council says ‘no thanks’ to money for Mauna Kea enforcement

The agreement has a five-year term and was accompanied by legislation that would allow up to $10 million in reimbursement.

Governor says Hawaii spent $15M to ensure Mauna Kea access

Hawaii has spent about $15 million to ensure safe access to Mauna Kea during an ongoing protest of a giant telescope project, the governor said.

Hawaii ethics board finds no conflict in telescope cases

The Hawaii County Board of Ethics ruled a prosecutor does not have a conflict of interest in cases involving protesters arrested for blocking a giant telescope’s construction.

  As costs mount, Hawaii County pulls highway crossing guards from TMT protest site

With cars traveling at 60 mph along Daniel K. Inouye highway and police reporting near accidents, the private security was hired over the summer to keep motorists and pedestrians safe.

  ‘There’s many laws I don’t like’: Mayor Kim seeks neutrality in dealing with Mauna Kea conflict

The 80-year-old mayor is doing his best to hear both sides of the conflict.

  For some, TMT protest on Mauna Kea has become a pilgrimage and a ‘calling’

"I think the fire is burning. The lahui will still be here."

  Anti-TMT activists hold another ‘rolling convoy’ on Oahu

The convoy stretched from Kapolei to Kualoa Regional Park.

  UH Regents approve stewardship resolution, rules on management for Mauna Kea

The guidelines aim to limit the amount of vehicles and commercial activity on the mountain.

HPD receives ‘numerous’ complaints about large flags on vehicles

In a statement on Facebook, the department said drivers should be mindful of these large objects that can potentially be dangerous.

Cost of government response to TMT protest at Mauna Kea tops $10M

On Tuesday, Hawaii County said it’s spent at least $4.8 million so far on personnel and supplies.

Group urges Japanese officials to review support of TMT project

Thousands are urging officials in Japan to review the country’s support of the Thirty Meter Telescope project.

TMT official makes direct plea to move project forward as protests continue

Protests are now in their third month.

Advocates on both sides of TMT issue come together in open discussion

To shed more light on this important topic, we brought in two advocates for and against the project.

UH Board of Regents lays out plans for Mauna Kea management amid TMT protest

The University of Hawaii Board of Regents is detailing plans for Mauna Kea amid ongoing protests against the Thirty Meter Telescope.

  Opponents of TMT project protest outside key financial backer in California

From 6 a.m. to noon, dozens of Thirty Meter Telescope opponents blocked two separate entrances to the parking lot at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation in Palo Alto.

Government agencies have spent nearly $10M so far on their response to TMT protest

The protest at the base of Mauna Kea is now in its 89th day, and a resolution is nowhere in sight.

Hawaii police: Nearly 600 traffic citations recently issued near Mauna Kea campsite

Police say they’ll continue their enhanced enforcement for the duration of the protest.

  Heated forum on TMT has more wondering: How can this conflict be resolved?

Thirty Meter Telescope supporters gathered at the state Capitol Friday.

  Price tag for the government’s response to the TMT protest: $8M and growing

The vast majority of the costs ― $4.1 million ― were for law enforcement.

  Big Island mayor pitches ‘way forward’ for Mauna Kea with pledges to address protesters’ concerns

Protest leaders said the mayor’s “way forward” missed the mark, and proves that they aren't being heard.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on TMT: What would ancient Polynesian navigators think?

Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of the world’s most well-known astrophysicists, published an opinion piece on the Thirty Meter Telescope controversy on Wednesday, offering another perspective he says “may have been overlooked in the heat of debates.”

  ‘Standing up for our rights’: 28 of those arrested at TMT protest plead not guilty

In a Hilo courtroom, each kupuna faced the judge on charges of obstruction, a misdemeanor crime.

  UH denounces professor’s ‘hurtful’ statements about Kamehameha Schools students

In the wake of the post, UH President David Lassner issued a statement denouncing the comments, calling them “hurtful and wholly inaccurate.”

Prosecutor son’s job prompts turning over telescope arrests

To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, the Hawaii attorney general’s office will take over prosecution of protesters arrested for blocking construction of a giant telescope.

  Ige hits back at Mauna Kea telescope protesters over flag ‘tactics’

Ige accused protesters of interfering unfairly with law enforcement activities and eliciting an unnecessary reaction from the crowd that had gathered.

Protesters plan to gather outside telescope backer’s California home

The couple's foundation has pledged $250 million toward the $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope.

  Big Island mayor floats plan to transfer Mauna Kea governance

The University of Hawaii would no longer solely manage the mountain under the plan.

  Anti-TMT activists stage rolling ‘Mauna convoy’ from Hawaii Kai to Maili

The protest received a special event permit from the city.

  Native Hawaiian activists threaten legal action over Mauna Kea Access Road

They claim the access road was built illegally on Hawaiian Home Lands.

  Crews bulldoze unpermitted structure at Mauna Kea, sparking new cries of desecration

The governor said the structure posed a health and safety risk.

  State draws heat for how flag was handled at protesters’ structure

The flag had been affixed to the structure, apparently in anticipation of the state’s plan to raze it.

  deGrasse Tyson: Hawaiians should have ‘entire say’ over Mauna Kea construction

Native Hawaiians should have ‘entire say’ about what happens to the mountain, the famous astrophysicist says.

  As TMT protest drags on, activists fear law enforcement action is imminent

Despite this quiet period, the Kia’i, those who call themselves protectors of Mauna Kea are warning their supporters to expect law enforcement action in the next 30 days.“We are being notified that law enforcement is considering using excessive force by way of chemical dispersants to punish and sup

Concerns arise over possible conflict of interest in TMT arrests

The man responsible for prosecuting the mostly Native Hawaiian elders arrested for protesting construction of a giant telescope said there is no conflict of interest, even though his son works for one of the embattled project’s partners.

  Gov. Ige explains why he couldn’t grant Mayor Kim’s wish of delaying TMT construction

Just days before the planned start of construction for the Thirty Meter Telescope last month, Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim sent a letter to Governor David Ige asking for a 30-day delay.

Hawaii or Spain? Telescope experts say it may not matter

Thirty Meter Telescope officials acknowledge that their backup site atop a peak on the Spanish Canary island of La Palma is a comparable observatory location, and that it wouldn’t cost more money or take extra time to build it there.

  9 arrested at TMT protest plead not guilty, vow to ‘vigorously’ fight charges

Separate court dates have been set for the remaining protesters who were taken into custody.

  ‘Our tax dollars’: Soaring costs to state for TMT protest draw concern

Lawmakers are raising major concerns about the rising costs for law enforcement and first responders at the site of the Thirty Meter Telescope protest on Mauna Kea.

Tab for keeping police, other first responders at TMT protest at $3.5M

That figure doesn’t include costs incurred by other county police departments or by the state.

  After weeks of mostly silence on TMT, Ige offers no details on how conflict will be resolved

The governor hasn’t publicly spoken about the conflict on Mauna Kea for more than two weeks.

  Big Island mayor: Ige made ultimate call to stop arrests at TMT protest

On PBS Insights Thursday night, Mayor Harry Kim described the decision making process on July 17 on Mauna Kea when law enforcement faced off with activists.

1 month later, police officials detail arrests at Mauna Kea

Thirty-eight people were arrested on July 17.

  Big Island police incident commander described ‘volatile’ day at Mauna Kea protest

"There was a significant risk that the increasingly vocal and volatile group of protesters on both shoulders would respond with violence."

  Scientist disputes claims TMT construction spills could contaminate aquifer

"Their concerns are not based on good science."

  Officers: Police plans to arrest TMT protesters, clear road abruptly fell through

“It was very trying if I could use that word."

Researchers return to summit, Gabbard visits Mauna Kea and TMT opponents launch online push

Gabbard said, “what is happening here is about so much more than just a telescope.”

  Workers at existing Mauna Kea telescopes to return to work

The agreement was announced Friday by the Maunakea Observatories.

TMT takes to TV airwaves as opponents attempt to broaden message virtually

The ad campaign comes on the fourth week of a TMT protest at the base of Mauna Kea.

Environmentalists in Canary Islands gear up for a fight against TMT

If TMT moves to its "Plan B" site, it's likely to find opposition there, too.

  Employees of existing telescopes say they’re ‘collateral damage’ in TMT conflict

The existing telescopes continue to sit idle during this fourth week of the TMT protest on Mauna Kea. The lack of research has frustrated scientists and technicians say getting up to the summit to do maintenance has been a struggle.

  List of UH professors offering courses at TMT protest camp on Mauna Kea grows

“The different approaches to learning and having students be able to be on the mauna and study in many different fields in classes that are offered, I think that is so exciting."

Environmentalists in Canary Islands: We’ll seek legal action to stop TMT from coming here

The group says it has “no less reason or less determination than the Hawaiian TMT opponents.”

TMT backers to seek permit for alternative site in Canary Islands

The consortium said they still plan to put the $1.4 billion telescope on the top of Mauna Kea.

  WATCH: Conflict on Mauna Kea 'Where it Stands’ mini-documentary

The conflict on Mauna Kea is about to enter it’s fourth week with no end in sight.