Pele's Path: The Journey Home

The Farmer Ripped from Her Farm

'Right now, there’s so much suffering.'

The Woman with Lava Fields for Neighbors

'I get to be the protector and repairer of this land.'

The Unyielding Military Veteran

'It's all we had left that we can recognize.'

The Scientist-In-Charge

'It certainly will erupt again.'

The Big Island Mayor

'We must all understand what government’s limitations are.'

The Retirees Who Lost Everything

'Nothing was there.'

Threat level at Kilauea lowered, signaling the end of an eruptive era

 Here's exactly how much lava came out of the ground during the 2018 Kilauea eruption

The Head of School

‘Don’t forget us.’

The Hawaii Trackers

'The county was not going to keep up.'

The Unlikely Activist

'We don’t need to talk story anymore.'

The Sign No One Heeds

‘People are trying to heal here.’

 The Park Interpreter

'I knew something was happening.'

The Neighborhood Watch Volunteer

'You're not looking at lava. You're looking at lives shattered.'

As Kilauea quiets, scientists monitor increase in activity at Mauna Loa

 Nearly a year later, many eruption evacuees still in search of a permanent home

The Green Mountain Caretaker

'We all are healing from our losses.'

The Lower Puna Lifer

'Never in my lifetime I expected this to happen.'

The Holdout in Her Kipuka

'Everything you eat and need and want, you carry in.'

The Abandoned Dog House

'In the darkening Puna dusk, this vents never stops steaming.'

The 'Surviving' Businessowner

‘I’ll hang in there till the bitter end.’

 The Broken-Down Mailbox

'It hasn’t been touched by a mailman in a year.'

 USGS: Kilauea lava flows as high as condos could take decades to fully solidify

 USGS: Rockfalls have decreased depth of Puu Oo by 230 feet