Kilauea Eruption Threat

Community hub that helped eruption evacuees burglarized

New murals unveiled during a Puna block party marking 1 year since eruption

  'Now we’ve got to rebuild’: A year later, lava-ravaged communities find recovery slow-going

4.2-magnitude quake rattles Kilauea’s south flank

Sizable rockfall is latest sign of settling at Kilauea summit

  Nearly a year later, many eruption evacuees still in search of a permanent home

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  Donations will fund new neighborhood for low-income kupuna in Pahoa

  Lawmakers approve $60M to help Big Island’s lava-ravaged communities

  Threat level at Kilauea lowered, signaling the end of an eruptive era

  USGS: Rockfalls have decreased depth of Puu Oo by 230 feet

  Gun-toting man who shot at lava evacuee enters guilty plea in federal court

Puna Geothermal Venture could soon be back online

New online hub features eruption recovery resources

The 2018 eruption went on for months, destroying more than 700 homes and decimating whole communities.

  USGS: Kilauea lava flows as high as condos could take decades to fully solidify

The lava that erupted into the lower east rift zone last year reached a maximum temperature of 2,080 degrees Fahrenheit.

  Land surveyors were boots on the ground and eyes in the sky during Kilauea eruption

Last May, as lava erupted from Kilauea land surveyors from Stantec put personnel on the ground to stay ahead of the lava flowing from Fissure 8.

More Hawaiian names proposed for Kilauea’s ‘Fissure 8.’

A crop of new names have been proposed for the magnificent and powerful Fissure 8.

  Here’s how much Hawaii County is asking for in Kilauea Eruption recovery funding

  Big Island authorities crunched the numbers on the Kilauea eruption. Here’s what they came up with

Kilauea’s eruption is technically over. But that doesn’t mean it won’t start up again

Hawaii County faces a lawsuit from concerned Leilani Estates residents

  The lava has stopped. But for those who lost their jobs, the disaster is far from over

Suit to be filed against Hawaii County over disaster response, access

Hotel restaurant reopens at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

A restaurant operating at a hotel in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has resumed kitchen service after shutting down when the park closed in May.

Visitor numbers back to pre-eruption averages at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Most of the park was shut down in May, after violent explosive eruptions rocked Kilauea’s summit crater.

Survey: Big Island farmers lost $28M because of eruption

Of the total damages reported, nearly two thirds — $17 million — was damage to crops.

  The new normal for lava evacuees: Making do

‘The most difficult part: Having to live with people that you would not normally live with.’

  Hawaii County: Only a quarter of lava evacuees have found permanent housing

As many as 10 percent of affected households are believed to have left the state.

  His farm is buried under lava, but he can’t find relief from payments on his state agricultural loan

‘The promises from the politicians don’t seem to be materializing.'

  To showcase the ‘beauty in the destruction,’ a Puna resident turns his lens on cooled lava formations

One man is shedding a different light on the destructive lava that devastated Hawaii Island

  Army of volunteers work to give lava evacuees the greatest gift: The chance to go home

The eruption is over, but recovery could take up to a decade.

PHOTOS: Before and after satellite images show extent of Kilauea’s destruction

The new images come as residents are grappling with how to rebuild.

Not guilty plea for man accused of firing gun toward Puna resident during eruption

The man accused of firing a gun toward another man in Leilani Estates during the Kilauea Eruption appeared in court Monday.

Kilauea Disaster Recovery Center to close permanently as eruption settles

After assisting residents impacted by the Kilauea eruption for months, the Kilauea Disaster Recovery Center in Pahoa is closing its doors as volcanic activity tapers off.

  Closure of lava shelters signals a major turning point for Puna

More than four months after the Kilauea eruption started in Leilani Estates, significant changes are now in store for the community.

Housing units for families displaced by lava nearly finished

Transitional housing units for people who were displaced by Kilauea volcano eruptions are nearly finished.

Development of 11 tiny homes for lava evacuees finished

Transitional housing units for people who were displaced by Kilauea volcano eruptions are nearly finished.

Portions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to reopen next week

Portions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will reopen next week.

  A cone within a cone? USGS says fissure 8 has formed a new feature

There's been a new formation spotted within the once highly active fissure no. 8.

As lava activity slows, Pahoa emergency shelter set to close soon

One of the emergency shelters that was available for lava evacuees in set to close in September, Hawaii County officials announced Wednesday. T

Madam Pele seemed to step aside as Lane, Hector knocked on Hawaii’s door

Even before Tropical Storm Lane paid a visit to Hawaii, many people wondered how an active volcano like Kilauea would interact with a storm system.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to host ‘talk story’ sessions for Big Island residents

Saturday marks 100 days since the majority of  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park had to close due to Kilauea's volcanic activity.

  Big Island residents want an end to constant ‘disruptive’ drone of helicopters

On the Big Island, residents have been complaining about the noise pollution caused by commercial helicopters for years, but they say it has become significantly worse since the spike in lava activity at Kilauea.

As Kilauea settles, Kohala resorts 100 miles away focus on getting back visitors

For more than a week now, it seems that Madame Pele has taken a rest.

Kilauea sulfur dioxide emissions hit lowest levels since 2008

The lull in activity from fissures in Kilauea's lower east rift zone continues, with just a bit of visible lava oozing into the ocean.

Charter school overrun by lava holds out hope for emergency disaster funds

Kua O Ka La public charter school could get some money back through emergency disaster funds.

Big Island plans to request $550M for disaster recovery

Big Island Mayor Harry Kim is planning to ask the state Legislature for $550 million for disaster recovery following the effects of the Kilauea volcano eruption.

  A charter school whose campus was lost to lava starts a new school year

It was back to school for students and teachers of Kua O Ka La, the charter school devastated by the lower Puna eruption.

The face of Halemaumau has changed, possibly forever, after months of eruptions

Over the last two to three months, the face of Halemaumau crater has changed drastically.

  Kilauea forced them from their homes. Now, lava evacuees prepare for the effects of Hurricane Hector

Stacy Welch and her daughter, both Leilani Estates residents, evacuated to the emergency shelter in Pahoa in early May, when the first fissures opened.

  Officials still don’t know when damaged Hawaii Volcanoes National Park may reopen

As volcanic activity slows down on the Lower East Rift Zone, officials are updating the public on the status of the largest tourist attraction on the Big Island, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

State creates ‘action plan’ to keep Big Island students safe from harmful vog

As the school year approaches, Big Island officials are developing guidelines to keep students safe from harmful volcanic emissions in the air.

  Tour boat passenger hurt in lava explosion: It ‘felt like I was being encased in lava’

Jessica Tilton remembers the lava explosion and the suffocating blackness that surrounded the tour boat she was riding two weeks ago.

  Nearly three months later, Kilauea eruption shatters a record — and just keeps going

Nearly three months after eruptions started in lower Puna, there's little sign they're letting up.

Hawaii National Guard to cease media tours to the eruption zone

The Hawaii National Guard will hold its last media tours to the eruption zone on Sunday, according to officials.

Insurer denies claim submitted by elderly couple displaced by lava

Lloyd's of London, a national insurer, has officially denied a claim submitted by an elderly couple who is now living in a friend's garage.

DLNR teams up with Coast Guard to look for turtles threatened by Kilauea lava flow

The U.S. Coast Guard has teamed up with the state Department of Land and Natural Resources to inspect for turtles that may be threatened by the ongoing Kilauea eruption.