Kilauea Threat

Residents remain frustrated 3 years after Kilauea eruption

Three years after the eruption of Kilauea volcano, Big Island residents are still waiting for some roads and services to be repaired.

Hawaii councilors accuse county of slow volcano recovery

Residents cut off by volcano say more road openings needed

Hawaii homeowners hit by eruption offered property buyouts

2 years after destructive eruption, HVNP eyes plans for rebuild at Kilauea

These are the top contenders as the new name for fissure 8

Officials launch new website dedicated to Kilauea eruption recovery

Continued Coverage

  FEMA wants some eruption evacuees to return disaster assistance funds

Hawaii agency returns utility’s geothermal well applications

  Work begins to clear hardened lava from critical road in lower Puna

One of Hawaii’s newest beaches is already polluted with microplastics

On Kilauea anniversary, Na Hoku nominee dedicates new music video to residents

  1 year ago, a catastrophic collapse at Puu Oo crater changed everything

Sizable rockfall is latest sign of settling at Kilauea summit

Park officials said the rockfall could be viewed from across across the caldera at Volcano House.

‘Pele’s Path: The Journey Home’ to offer first-hand look at Kilauea disaster

From Leilani Estates to Kapoho, HNN has gathered dozens of never-before-seen stories of resilience and recovery.

  Donations will fund new neighborhood for low-income kupuna in Pahoa

The need for more permanent housing across Hawaii Island is extremely high.

Geologists warn of dangers of ‘toothpaste lava’ on Big Island

Geologists examining the "toothpaste lava" say the spiny texture can result in serious injury if people fall while trying to walk on it.

US Geological Survey searches for new site for observatory

  Threat level at Kilauea lowered, signaling the end of an eruptive era

Hawaii council seeks details of disaster recovery funds

New online hub features eruption recovery resources

Lava tour company and operator face another lawsuit over ‘lava bomb’ incident

The new land Kilauea added last year is as high as 919 feet in some places

Geologists: Decades-long Pu‘u ‘O‘o eruption considered over

The 7-month lull in activity at Pu'u 'O'o Crater heralds an end to the decades-long eruption.

  Two shutdowns in one year took its toll on Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The government shutdown wasn’t the only time in the last twelve months that those charged with maintaining the park have experienced hardship. Volcanic eruptions that began in the spring continued for months, making it a difficult year for park staff.

Report: Sea turtles populations OK after Big Island eruption

A survey conducted by a Hawaii wildlife conservation group found the Kilauea volcano eruption did not critically damage sea turtle populations on the Big Island.

Container house for lava evacuees remains in Honolulu

A company in China that offered to help those displaced by the recent eruption of Kilauea volcano has sent its first prefabricated container home to the state.

Kilauea’s eruption is technically over. But that doesn’t mean it won’t start up again

The eruption from Kilauea’s lower east rift zone is technically over. But that doesn’t mean it won’t start up again.

On lava-ravaged Big Island, some recovery efforts are months away

Hawaii officials are working on efforts to rebuild the Puna district.

  Closure of lava shelters signals a major turning point for Puna

More than four months after the Kilauea eruption started in Leilani Estates, significant changes are now in store for the community.

Housing units for families displaced by lava nearly finished

Transitional housing units for people who were displaced by Kilauea volcano eruptions are nearly finished.

Development of 11 tiny homes for lava evacuees finished

Transitional housing units for people who were displaced by Kilauea volcano eruptions are nearly finished.

Portions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to reopen next week

Portions of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will reopen next week.

  A cone within a cone? USGS says fissure 8 has formed a new feature

There's been a new formation spotted within the once highly active fissure no. 8.