Kealoha Corruption Trial

  Lawyers for man framed by Kealohas seek former Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s testimony

“We want to know what the mayor’s role was in getting the Police Commission to settle with Chief Kealoha at a time when we think they knew more than enough to resist doing that.”

  Kealoha scandal fuels push to seize pension benefits from criminals

  Former council member details focus of federal probe into ex-HPD chief’s payoff

  Former no. 2 under Caldwell is working at Council to get taxpayer-funded benefits

Witness in drug case involving Katherine Kealoha’s brother is now on the run

  Parade of former, current council members subpoenaed to testify in federal probe

  Legal battle brewing over portion of proceeds from sale of Kealohas’ home

Continued Coverage

  Judge dismisses obstruction case against Kealoha conspiracy victim

  Katherine Kealoha got a 13-year sentence, but she’ll be released in 2030. Here’s why.

  Authorities who investigated Kealoha corruption scandal now turn their attention to city

  Criminal case finished, the next victims of the Kealoha scandal could be taxpayers

The Kealohas leave behind a trail of victims and ruined reputations

  Ex-police officers convicted in Kealoha corruption scandal will spend years behind bars

  5 years after investigation into Kealohas began, former Honolulu power couple sentenced

“The breadth of this criminal conduct is astonishing. It reached the highest levels of our city government."

  Judge: Louis Kealoha wasn’t conspiracy’s mastermind, but he had a starring role

“The chief of police of a major American city worked overtime to frame a person with a crime he did not commit. The oath didn’t matter."

  After sentencing, the Kealohas’ string of victims search for closure

“We take solace in knowing that the people involved in this conspiracy have been stopped."

  Read Katherine Kealoha’s handwritten letter to a judge ahead of her sentencing

In the five-page letter, Kealoha says she has been locked in her cell for 23 hours a day since April because of the pandemic and calls her time behind bars “my cross to bear.”

Katherine Kealoha refuses to see her attorney as sentencing date nears

Convicted ex-prosecutor wants phone hearings during pandemic

Sentencing hearings in Kealoha corruption trial rescheduled again

  After nearly 2 years on leave, deputy city prosecutor returns to work

Judge approves sentencing date in Hawaii corruption case

Lawyers agree on sentencing date in Kealoha corruption trial

After several delays, Kealoha sentencing discussions resume

Another sentencing date could finally be set for Honolulu’s former police chief, Louis Kealoha, his wife Katherine, a former deputy prosecutor, and two police officers who were found guilty on June 27, 2019 of obstruction and conspiracy.

  More than a year after guilty verdict, still no sentencing date for Kealohas, police officers

Sentencing in Hawaii’s largest public corruption scandal still has not been set, more than a year after a jury handed down guilty verdicts.

  City Managing Director Roy Amemiya a ‘subject’ of federal grand jury investigation

The city confirmed Friday that Amemiya received a subject letter from the US Department of Justice.

Coronavirus outbreak triggers sentencing delay for Kealohas

Lian Abernathy, chief deputy clerk, said in a statement that the decision was made “in the interest of the safety and health of the public and of court employees."

Police Chief Susan Ballard supports enhanced sentence for her predecessor

Ballard said Kealoha's use of resources to monitor Gerard Puana impacted department functions.

  Ahead of sentencing, ex-Police Chief Louis Kealoha pleads for leniency

Kealoha’s attorney made the argument in a court document that his since been sealsed, citing Kealoha’s “long and distinguished record of service and contribution to the community.

  Kealoha case fuels push to change pension laws for disgraced government employees

“If you’re going to break the law in the course of your job from then forward you lose some of those benefits."

  Florence Puana, key figure in case against Kealohas, dies at 100

Puana lived long enough to see her granddaughter go to prison for stealing from her and her son.

  In bizarre twist, head of public defender’s office that exposed Kealoha corruption is ousted

The head of the federal public defender’s office is being ousted.

Acting Honolulu Prosecutor summoned again to the federal grand jury in widening public corruption probe

Dwight Nadamoto, Honolulu’s acting prosecutor, returned to testify before the federal grand jury Thursday afternoon.

  Technicality means the Kealohas could get less prison time in mailbox case

A victory for the Kealohas in federal court Monday as a judge ruled against prosecutors in a decision that could affect their prison sentences.

Honolulu’s acting prosecutor spends hours testifying in federal probe

Acting Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Nadamoto spent three hours testifying before the federal grand jury in the ongoing public corruption case.

  Acting city prosecutor gets FBI subpoena to testify in ongoing criminal probe of his boss

It was not immediately clear what the subpoena is demanding.

  Katherine Kealoha’s outspoken attorney withdrawing from the mailbox case

Earle Partington is withdrawing as attorney for Katherine Kealoha.

Citing ‘egregious’ fraud,' judge OKs request for new civil trial against Katherine Kealoha

Disgraced former Deputy Prosecutor Katherine Kealoha has lost another major courtroom battle.

  Katherine Kealoha’s ‘Alison Lee Wong’ resurfaces in bizarre court filing

A Bank of Hawaii employee has had the legal names ‘Alison Lee’ and ‘Alison Wong’ when she married, but she was never ‘Alison Lee Wong,’ the infamous imaginary friend ex deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha used to conceal illegal activity.

Friends, relatives ask judge to consider Louis Kealoha’s public service in sentencing

“I honestly don’t know what Chief Kealoha knew or didn’t know about the events for which he stood trial,” one supporter wrote.

  Experts: City unlikely to recoup Louis Kealoha’s $250,000 payout

The payout was given to the former police chief to retire. But he agreed to return it if he was convicted.

  Under deal approved by judge, Kealohas plead guilty to remaining charges

Kealoha and her husband had previously been convicted of multiple felonies in the so-called "Mailbox Trial."

  Kealohas agree to plead guilty to remaining federal charges

Under the plea deal, Honolulu’s former police chief and his wife, an ex-deputy city prosecutor, will admit to financial crimes. The trial on those charges was set to begin in January.

  Kealohas close to reaching a plea deal for remaining federal charges

Attorneys for Louis and Katherine Kealoha spent the day negotiating with the government on a proposed deal.

  As both await sentencing, ex-police chief files for divorce from his wife

Both were convicted on June 27 in a massive public corruption case.

  A federal judge will decide whether the Kealohas are guilty of alleged financial crimes

The decision means that federal Judge Michael Seabright will listen to the facts in the trial and decide whether they’re guilty or not.

  Federal inmate steps up to defend Katherine Kealoha, criticize judge

The woman accuses the judge of racial bias.

Federal judge delays sentencing for Kealohas in public corruption case

The Kealohas will now be sentenced for conspiracy and obstruction on Oct. 31.

Kealohas granted face-to-face meeting at federal detention center

A federal judge allowed the meeting, overruling detention center officials who didn’t want it to happen.

  Judge says civil lawsuit against Katherine Kealoha was tainted with fraud

Relatives of Katherine Kealoha who once unsuccessfully sued the former Honolulu deputy prosecutor for theft have been granted a new trial.

  Alleged false police report at center of retaliation claim against prosecutor’s office

Kaneshiro’s special assistant, Roger Lau, called Honolulu Police claiming employees heard the woman threaten to get a gun and shoot the administration.

  Court report: Katherine Kealoha should spend more than a decade behind bars

“The government just piled it on."

  Katherine Kealoha’s relatives point to her conviction in bid for new civil trial

While Kealoha, a former high-ranking deputy prosecutor, was found guilty in federal court, she famously won the 2015 civil suit filed against her in state court by members of her family.

  Retired judge testifies at grand jury hearing evidence against prosecutor’s office

Retired District Court Judge David Lo spent more than two hours inside the federal grand jury room before being wheeled out by an FBI agent.

Officer who pleaded guilty in Kealoha corruption case fights to keep job

Honolulu Police Officer Danny Sellers reached a plea deal.

  How much time will the Kealohas spend in prison? It depends

Former deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha has already spent 45 days behind bars.

  Kealoha corruption case exposes lack of available court-appointed attorneys

Kealoha corruption case exposes problem with the lack of court appointed attorneys available

Katherine Kealoha refuses to leave detention center for court hearing

Katherine Kealoha, a former deputy prosecutor, refused to leave her cell at the Federal Detention Center for a court appearance Friday morning.

  New court-appointed attorney for Katherine Kealoha has potential conflict

Gary Singh, the latest taxpayer funded attorney to represent Katherine Kealoha in her remaining two criminal trials, has a potential conflict in at least one of the cases.

  Federal investigators probe Katherine Kealoha’s role in costly rail project delay

“In my opinion, if it isn’t criminal, it should be."

Katherine Kealoha’s new attorney wants more time to review evidence for 2nd trial

Katherine Kealoha’s court appointed federal attorney, Gary Signh, asked that the next trial for his client be pushed back from October to January so he can review all the evidence.

Attorney: 4 Kealoha era lawsuits could cost city up to $40 million

The city declined comment.

  Ethics Commission, former director spar over handling of Kealoha probes

“The Ethics Commission did not carry out its duties to the public to properly investigate the Kealohas."

  ‘The world knows the truth;’ Man framed by Kealohas speaks out for first time since historic verdict

Gerard Puana says the guilty verdicts restored his faith in a system that once prosecuted him for a crime he didn’t commit.

Council resolution demands agencies say how they’ll prevent more Kealoha-esque incidents

The measure calls for departments to review their management and ethical oversight procedures.

  HPD training videos show disgraced Kealohas lecturing officers about ethics

It was mandatory for all officers to watch the training videos.

  ‘Holidays are the worst:’ Ex-con, defense attorney details life behind bars for Kealoha

Katherine Kealoha was convicted last week on federal conspiracy and obstruction charges.

State Supreme Court revokes Katherine Kealoha’s law license, pending appeal

The ruling was issued Wednesday by the Hawaii Supreme Court.

  Katherine Kealoha’s attorney cites ethical issue in request to withdraw as counsel

The lawyer said there “appears to be an irretrievable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship, which cannot be reconciled.”

After guilty verdict, state moves to prevent Katherine Kealoha from practicing law

The office said Kealoha’s law license has been on voluntary inactive status “for some time.”

  Judge calls Katherine Kealoha a ‘corrupting influence,’ orders her jailed

Former power couple Katherine and Louis Kealoha were found guilty in one of the most-watched public corruption trials in Hawaii history.

  What’s next? A look at the lingering questions now that the Kealoha verdict is in

Now that the so-called ‘Mailbox Trial’ is over, here are some of the other pressing questions regarding the corruption case.

Prosecutors prevail in bid to have Katherine Kealoha detained after conviction

“For over a decade, Katherine Kealoha has repeatedly flaunted the law, leaving countless victims in her wake."

  With closing arguments complete, jurors in Kealoha ‘mailbox trial’ begin deliberations

“The motives in this case are greed, to maintain prestige and power."

  Unsealed records: Kealoha was prosecuting cases despite ‘serious’ medical condition

The revelation is drawing concern about how she handled cases at the city Prosecutor's Office.

  Legal expert: One witness stands out of the 70 in the Kealoha mailbox trial

Federal prosecutors say Katherine Kealoha manipulated her grandmother and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her, starting a family feud.

  Testimony that conflicts with surveillance video gets Kealoha civil attorney in hot water

Sumida is in question after he said during cross examination on Tuesday he was not reviewing records on the case during a trial break.

  Defense team rests in Kealoha trial; closing arguments set for next week

On Thursday, rebuttal witnesses will be called.

  Katherine Kealoha adds new attorney mid-trial as prosecution rests its case

Defense attorneys will now get their opportunity to pick apart the evidence presented.

  Newly-released evidence in Kealoha trial includes enhanced video of mailbox theft

The trial is set to resume next week.

  After 12 days and 55 witnesses, Kealoha ‘mailbox trial’ takes a week off

The Kealoha public corruption trial is taking a break after 12 days and 55 witnesses.