Kealoha Corruption Trial

  ‘Absolutely not’: Relative who Kealohas alleged stole their mailbox tells jurors he’s innocent

  Prosecution’s questioning leaves judge in Kealoha corruption trial peeved

Key actors in federal ‘mailbox trial’ do a little ... acting

Deputy sheriff’s testimony in Kealoha trial gets him into hot water

In 5th day of ‘mailbox trial,’ government focuses on pivotal 2011 arrest

Completed questionnaires offer insight into prospective jurors for Kealoha trial

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  Louis Kealoha has ‘a temper’ and other things we learned in week 1 of the ‘mailbox trial’

  Friday updates from federal court during the Kealoha corruption trial

  Homicide detective who helped investigate Kealoha mailbox theft asked ‘Why us?’

  ‘You are going to have to decide’: Prosecutors, defense make opening statements in Kealoha trial

  ‘The Mailbox Trial’: Public corruption case of unprecedented scope in Hawaii gets underway

Defendants, attorney, alleged victims: Here’s who’s who in the Kealoha mailbox trial

Doctors: Key witness won’t be able to testify in person at Kealoha trial

The elderly grandmother of Katherine Kealoha is not physically able to handle the stress that testifying would cause.

Nearly 200 prospective jurors already eliminated for Kealoha ‘mailbox trial’

Jurors were eliminated for a number of reasons, including connections to the parties, inability to be fair, or language or health issues.

  In bizarre twist, businessman labeled as ‘possible suspect’ in Kealoha mailbox theft

The man told HNN that he was stunned to be added to the case.

  2 years later, officers accused in corruption case still getting paychecks

HPD officers accused in federal corruption case still getting pay checks

‘A humbled man’: Officer sentenced in connection with case against Kealohas

Petition to impeach city prosecutor prompts legal debate: Are e-signatures legal?

  She was identified as a victim in the case against the Kealohas, but was forced to pay legal fees

Despite warnings, Kaneshiro continues to visit building that houses prosecutor’s office

  Trial of former HPD officer delayed as more info tied to Kealoha is sought

  Katherine Kealoha loses fight to keep personnel file secret, but questions remain

Impeachment proceedings for Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney hit a snag over signatures

Impeachment proceedings for Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney hit a snag over signatures

  Judge OKs recorded testimony from 99-year old key witness in Kealoha case

“Typically you’re not allowed to take depositions in criminal cases except, as the judge said, in exceptional circumstances.”

Council leadership: Taxpayers shouldn’t pay for ex-police chief’s legal defense

The police commission approved the funding, but is being urged to reconsider.

Ex-police chief’s attorney calls for law school to rein in criminal law expert

"I am not afraid to speak out on controversial legal issues that touch our community.”

  ‘Bring it on’: Judge issues stern warning to city Prosecutor’s Office

“I smell something very stink in this case."

  Prosecutors seek taped deposition from key witness in case against Kealohas

Federal prosecutors want to have Florence Puana's testimony recorded because the aging grandmother of ex-deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha is having heart surgery.

  City Councilman pushes back against plan to pay ex-police chief’s legal fees

"They made the wrong decision."

  Kaneshiro put himself on paid leave. So why is he showing up at the office?

The state attorney general said she planned to look into the matter.

Judge OKs use of cell tracking data in ‘mailbox case’ against Kealohas, officers

The evidence could play a key role in the upcoming trial.

  Taxpayers will pay for city prosecutor’s legal defense in impeachment case

Those pushing for his impeachment say they don't plan to drop their fight.

  After refusing to step aside for months, embattled city prosecutor takes leave amid federal probe

He put himself on immediate paid leave.

  Mayor calls prosecutor’s decision to take leave ‘the best solution’ for Oahu

Embattled city Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro took leave Thursday, after refusing to step aside for months.

  Deadline approaches for Kaneshiro to respond to petition calling for his suspension

Keith Kaneshiro is also facing impeachment proceedings that could unseat him as prosecutor.

  Judge seeks more information on Kealoha’s cancer claim, trial delay request

It’s unclear when a federal judge will take up the motion.

Federal authorities: Katherine Kealoha used cocaine while she was deputy city prosecutor

An FBI agent also alleges in a filing that Kealoha’s brother told investigators about his sister’s drug use.

  A dismissed 2015 DUI is among the ways Kealoha allegedly helped her friends

Feds listed another example of how ex-Deputy Prosecutor Kealoha covered up for friends.

Meet Allison Lee Wong: Court filings outline alleged role of alias in case against Kealohas

"Alison Lee Wong is the ever-versatile alias Katherine Kealoha calls upon to dodge scrutiny, forge documents, secure state Senate confirmation, and more."

  2 high-profile cases moved from prosecutor’s office amid federal probe

And now they could be dismissed entirely.

  Embattled city prosecutor was denied access to officer-involved shooting scene

City Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro is the focus of a federal investigation.

  FBI: Kealoha sent emails from coworkers’ computers to mislead probes. HNN got one

“Erase this will send more," one email said.

Honolulu prosecutor given 20 days to respond to order seeking his suspension

Keith Kaneshiro is also facing impeachment proceedings that could unseat him as prosecutor.

  ‘Got ur back’: Prosecutors say Kealoha’s private texts showcase alleged misconduct

The former deputy city prosecutor has entered a not guilty plea in the case.

Court hearing on impeachment of embattled city prosecutor pushed back

Kaneshiro’s impeachment proceedings began after he received a target letter from the U.S. Department of Justice.

  Katherine Kealoha and doctor brother plead not guilty to drug charges

A trial in the case has been set for April.

  Filings offer new insight into Kealoha’s alleged misconduct at prosecutor’s office

"Every time you turn around, you get some new revelation about some absolutely despicable conduct.”

  Attorney general seeks ‘immediate suspension’ of embattled city prosecutor

"This is an extraordinary situation."

In page-turner of a court filing, prosecutors detail the Kealohas’ ‘house of cards’

Why would a power couple go to such lengths to pin such a strange federal crime on a relative?

  Women say city prosecutor retaliated against them for testifying in corruption probe

“It opens that office up to wrongful termination, whistleblower claims, a multitude of lawsuits that can be brought against him and the city."

  Taxpayers to cover legal fees for embattled city prosecutor to fight impeachment

Keith Kaneshiro is the target of a widening public corruption case.

Judge denies motion to delay Kealoha trial due to government shutdown

The trial is set to begin jury selection in March.

  Katherine Kealoha’s attorney seeks to delay trial due to government shutdown

Court documents say the shutdown is “impinging on Ms. Kealoha’s constitutional rights to a fair trial and effective assistance of counsel.”

  ‘Who’s next?’: Legal experts weigh in on widening public corruption investigation

Some believe no city leader is safe, including the mayor.

  $250K payout to Kealoha links city’s top civil attorney to corruption probe

Leong negotiated the deal without getting approval from the city council.

  City’s top civil attorney identified as target in federal corruption probe

She's now on paid leave.

  Scandal that’s ensnarled police, prosecutor’s office takes another turn

'As the investigation unraveled, it got bigger.'

Details released in latest plea deal in public corruption case against Kealohas

It’s a major development that could prove pivotal to prosecutors.

Ex-Honolulu police chief’s home for sale during foreclosure

The home of a retired Honolulu police chief and his former prosecutor wife is for sale while their lender forecloses on the property and the couple faces corruption-related charges.

Officer charged in connection with case against Kealohas to change plea

It’s a major development that could prove pivotal to prosecutors.

Evidence of affair between Katherine Kealoha and firefighter included sexually-explicit photos

The news comes as the Kealohas prepare to start the first of two trials against them this year.

  Impeachment proceedings against city prosecutor move forward

“The first question I will ask is, ‘Did you get a target letter?’ That’s kind of like civil litigation 101."

Here’s the email the police chief sent to the city about Honolulu’s prosecutor

"In my experience, if you get a target letter, you will be indicted."

  Police chief expresses concern about embattled prosecutor’s potential impact on cases

It’s unclear how the city plans to respond to the issue.

  Petition to impeach embattled city prosecutor filed in state court

“This has a tremendous impact for victims and their families."

  Facing federal probe, city prosecutor rejects calls to step aside, says his office runs ‘effectively’

“I was elected to serve for four years."

  Second-in-command at city Prosecutor’s Office steps aside amid widening federal probe

"I have done nothing wrong," he said, in a written statement.

  Campaign to impeach city prosecutor launched as he shows no signs of stepping aside amid federal probe

Among those pushing for his impeachment: A man who Kaneshiro’s office tried and failed to convict, twice.

  As pressure grows for Kaneshiro to step aside, experts say city charter has process to impeach prosecutor

It would take a petition with 500 signatures of registered voters to begin the impeachment process.

  City prosecutor shows no signs of stepping aside after getting formal notice that he’s a target of federal probe

"Target letter means the grand jury has substantial evidence that you’ve engaged in criminal activity. You are going to be indicted."

  Legal community urges action against Honolulu prosecutors mixed up in federal criminal probe

Attorneys warn cases could be in jeopardy as feds zero in on prosecuting attorneys.

  As part of widening corruption probe, DOJ sends subject letter to second-in-command at prosecutor’s office

It's unknown if he'll be placed on administrative leave.

  After years of legal wrangling, judge dismisses Kealohas' civil suit against city Ethics Commission

Kealohas civil lawsuit against city ethics commission, employees finally dismissed, but not before costing taxpayers more than half a million dollars.

Appraisals for Kealohas' seized Hawaii Kai home come in under what they paid for it

The home is in the foreclosure process as the couple battle legal trouble.

Authorities seize Hawaii Kai home of ex-police chief, wife

The two are facing two trials, the first of which is set to kick off before the end of the year.

  Gun pointed at police during shooting is registered to embattled Honolulu attorney

Police are trying to determine how the suspect got his hands on the weapon.

  City prosecutor appears to now be focus of federal corruption probe

A sign that the federal grand jury is once again focusing on Honolulu Prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro, multiple current and former employees of his office were called to testify last week.

  Firefighter: ‘I lied’ to grand jury about affair with ex-HPD chief’s wife

An explosive new development in the case against the Kealohas.

  Firefighter allegedly lied to grand jury about affair with ex-HPD chief’s wife

An explosive new development in the case against the Kealohas.

Raid of attorney’s home connected to massive public corruption case

Federal agents and Honolulu police raided the home of an attorney on Friday morning as part of an ongoing public corruption case.