Homeless In Hawaii

  Despite $30M appropriation, little work underway on Ohana Zones

Thanks to donations, Hawaii’s largest homeless camp a step closer to a permanent home

  A new village-style homeless project could begin to rise by Thanksgiving on Oahu

  Is New York really ‘exporting its homeless to Hawaii,' as a recent article claimed?

  Roving homeless service center with inflatable tents to debut in Waipahu

  Lt. Gov. Green criticizes homeless sweeps, proposes new plan to create more housing

Continued Coverage

  Crews left with 5 tons of garbage (and counting) after Diamond Head sweep

Slopes of Diamond Head cleared of squatters in week-long sweep

  New late night outreach will target Waikiki’s chronically homeless

  Moiliili resident threatens to sue city over sidewalks blocked by homeless camps

  Nonprofit to end critical case management for mentally ill

  State’s only psychiatric street medicine team gets $500,000 from city

  Drone captures hidden homeless camps that dot Oahu’s south shore

“I started zooming in on the picture to make sure it was clean for the print and started noticing all the homeless camps.”

  US Surgeon General: Hawaii’s homeless crisis won’t be solved with housing alone

Dr. Jerome Adams says problems in the islands go much deeper than a lack of housing.

  ‘She started swinging’: Clean-up volunteer punched in unprovoked attack

For years, the area has been plagued by drugs and violence.

  Big Island builders design turn-key modular homes for low-income families

Pricing starts at just under $100,000.

  Program to help homeless falls through after key lawmakers question deal

  Canoe club: Homeless camp is putting young paddlers’ safety in jeopardy

  Souped-up urgent care clinic to play key role in housing Oahu’s homeless

Mayors from across the nation take a peek at how the city is working to solve homelessness

  Second urgent care clinic that caters to homeless set to open in Kaneohe

  Nanakuli residents at wits’ end over volatile homeless camp on federal property

  In back-to-back operations, officers converge on illegal homeless camps in urban core

"It’s getting to the point where we do not, the residents here, don’t feel safe.”

  Experts: Lack of drug treatment to blame for surge in homeless dying on streets

The problem is even worse on the neighbor islands.

‘Startling’ number of homeless are dying on Oahu streets, new numbers show

“It’s clear from the data that we gathered that living on the streets leads to an early death.”

After months of complaints, squatters who built a small village in Kalihi are kicked out

Just a few months ago, the area was plagued with homeless.

  Kahului’s homeless crisis gets an unflattering comparison: It’s starting to look like Honolulu’s

“We want to keep Maui Maui.”

  On the Big Island, homeless crisis has first responders stretched thin

“What we really lack is mental health resources.”

  Kauai scrambles for solutions after number of unsheltered homeless doubles

“We need more shelters. But we need more housing as well."

New arrivals who end up homeless test aloha, resources on Friendly Isle

"There comes a point where we have to say, ‘What about our people here on this island?'"

  Kauai mayor wants island to be test site for controversial mental health plan

The idea is already generating opposition.

  Despite shortage of beds for Big Island’s homeless men, shelter’s expansion hits red tape

“This is really an issue for all of us."

  Old UH dormitory to become apartments for Maui’s homeless families

The vision: Affordable apartments with onsite services to help keep residents from falling back into homelessness.

  City slow to address fights, filth and lewdness that plague Waikiki pavilions

"They smell like marijuana and pee."

  Oahu hospital to launch ‘stabilization program’ for those in mental health crises

On the streets, the need is undeniable.

  Changes would make it easier to force homeless with severe mental illnesses to get treatment

“The previous law made it too hard for us to intervene."

  Residents run into red tape in push to tackle squatters’ village in Kalihi Valley

“Nothing’s being done.”

  Advocates, families face overwhelming barriers to help homeless with severe mental illness

A law passed five years ago was supposed to offer a way out. It hasn't.

  8 homeless shelters don’t meet new standards, but will be funded anyway

Not funding the shelters wasn't an option given the state's ongoing homeless crisis.

  An old hospital in Hilo is being transformed into a haven for the homeless

It's one of two Ohana Zone projects in the works for Hawaii Island.

  Report: Number of homeless living on Kauai streets nearly doubled since last year

Kauai was the only island to see an overall increase in it's homeless population.

  Amid homeless crisis, funding for critical homeless programs not yet in budget

“We really need to know that the money will be there to continue the services we have."

  42 sweeps in 90 days and still volatile encampment plagues neighborhood

“We had a shopping cart thrown through our front door. We find needles and blood in our bathroom. Just a couple days ago we had a stabbing take place right in my loading dock.”

  State proposes permanent villages of tiny homes for the hardest to house

“This is the permanent housing answer for people who have otherwise refused to go to shelters."

Crews have removed 14,000 shopping carts from city streets since 2013

The crew has cleared more than 14,000 shopping carts from city streets since 2013.

  A year in, mobile hygiene center demonstrates the incredible power of a shower

Hiehie provides some basic comforts of home to people who don’t have one.

  The reason for Oahu’s drop in sheltered homeless? Fewer shelter beds

At the same time, the number of people living on the streets is up.

  HPD chief says ‘temporary refuge areas’ could help Oahu’s homeless problem

Chief Ballard wrote a letter to the state’s lieutenant governor, outlining a half-dozen ideas.

  As Oahu’s unsheltered homeless population grows, mayor vows to stick to sweeps

Despite a years-long effort to push Oahu’s homeless population into shelters, the number of people living on the streets of Honolulu is the highest it’s been in at least a decade.

Count: Unsheltered homeless population up 12% on Oahu from last year

The count found a total of 4,291 people living in shelters or on the streets islandwide on a single night in January.

  A law meant to help the mentally ill is actually preventing some from getting care

This could all be avoided."

  After squatters were kicked out of an urban park, the really big problems began

With barely enough space to squeeze by the sidewalk along Kaimuki Avenue, right next to the high school, seems more like some kind of foul obstacle course.

  IHS: 1 in 10 homeless people in Hawaii just got here from somewhere else

“By the time you pay a deposit and first month’s rent and all, you have nothing left."

Gov. Ige extends emergency proclamation to combat homelessness

It was extended to until April 13, 2019.

  Homeless camp to city: Stop the sweeps and let us come to the bargaining table

“It’s time for the homeless people to speak out."

  Gift is aimed at helping homeless keiki get much-needed stability in their lives

“Any impact today will have an impact tomorrow and for years to come."

  Oahu outreach workers see a new type of homeless client: Lava evacuees

"It hurts our hearts because they’re literally out there with all their clothes and babies and it’s raining,

City extends 24/7 security project at some Honolulu-area parks

The city has extended a $44,000-per month pilot program providing an around-the-clock security presence at nine urban parks until May.

Oahu’s new rest stop for the homeless is already proving its value

Hundreds have already visited the city’s new Punawai rest stop in Iwilei.

  ‘You’re important’: Teens' meals for the homeless come with powerful messages

So heartwarming.

  State tours possible relocation site for the encampment at Waianae boat harbor

Leaders of the encampment say they started looking at the property that sits off Waianae Valley Road more than a year ago.

  After years of waiting, a hygiene center (and safe haven) opens in Iwilei

Two-and-a-half years after the city announced plans for a hygiene center for the homeless in Iwilei, it’s finally up and running.

  Hundreds of volunteers still needed for homeless count

Can you help?

  ACLU: The city’s a Grinch for rousting homeless on Christmas Eve

"We’re saddened the city continues to use the holidays to harass the least fortunate among us."

  Homeless shelter for young adults rapidly expands thanks to state’s ‘ohana zones’ plan

RYSE stands for Residential Youth Services and Empowerment, a first-of-its-kind shelter in Hawaii for young adults 18 to 24.

46 in every 10,000 Hawaii residents are homeless. That’s the highest rate in the nation, a new report says

In 2018, 46 in every 10,000 Hawaii residents experienced homelessness.

  Queen’s sees results with innovative program that helps house medically-fragile homeless patients

It’s one of the first hospitals in the country to implement this kind of program.

  Legislators pan governor’s $17M plan for homeless ‘ohana zones’

The problem, they say: It doesn't go far enough.

  To give back to the organization that saved his life, kettle bell ringer spreads warm tidings of joy

Edward Gaines' story is just perfect for this time of year.

  After years of planning and prep, church opens igloo-shaped shelters to the homeless

More than two and a half years after an Oahu church made international headlines for its plan to build igloo-shaped shelters for the homeless families are finally moving in.

  In ‘game-changer,’ Hawaii given approval to use Medicaid dollars to help chronically homeless

“It’s something that we’ve been talking about for a couple of years — looking at homelessness as a health condition."

  Giant inflatable tents for the homeless could be coming to a park near you

HPD is asking the state to fund a three-year, $3 million pilot project.

Against the odds, Waianae homeless camp is working to raise a stunning $1.5M for their new, permanent home

“We’re trying to do this solely on our own, without government help."

  Under month-long pilot, security guards to patrol urban parks where homeless congregate

“People demand that they be safe, in our parks and on our sidewalks."

  Homeless continue to skirt Kakaako sweeps despite agreement intended to end cat-and-mouse game

Homeless encampments in Kakaako continue to spring up, despite efforts to address them.

HUD report: Hawaii sees fewer homeless veterans this year compared to last

There are 532 homeless veterans statewide this year, the report says.

  State considers Leeward Oahu property as site for homeless ‘ohana zone,' but not everyone is on board

The governor’s homeless coordinator says the state isn’t interested in setting up tent cities. Instead the plan is to house people in existing buildings on city or state land.

  She lived on the streets for 35 years, lost in her illness. Her family never gave up

“She smiles. She’s never done that before."

Kaneohe church’s igloo-like dome shelters to house homeless families

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in an igloo? Well, some Hawaii homeless families are getting the chance to get off the street and into a domed home.

  Program for formerly homeless kids helps them break habits learned on the streets

"Before coming into shelter, they’re never sleeping in the same place. They’re not going to school. They’re not eating on normal schedules. So when they get to IHS we almost have to push the pause and reset button to get them back into a system of normalcy," said Kimo Carvalho.