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  Wrong video conference help line routes to scammers

Incorrect tech support numbers posted on the internet lead to scammers trying to trick consumers into giving up their credit card information.

2 years after destructive eruption, HVNP eyes plans for rebuild at Kilauea

  Watching Your Wallet: Scammers found infiltrating legitimate job posting sites

  As lawmakers grapple with $1B shortfall, advocates urge them to preserve social safety net

  Drug Dependence: COVID-19 weakens already fragile U.S. drug supply

  New initiative aims to equip every homeless person on Oahu with face masks

  Bank of Hawaii, IHS partner to collect food and hygiene supplies for Oahu’s homeless

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  Robocalls advertising fake coronavirus-related products and bogus deals

Pharmacists: Doctors writing prescriptions for possible COVID-19 treatment at expense of chronically-ill patients

  Watching Your Wallet: Travel insurance likely won’t cover coronavirus-related cancellations

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

  Watching Your Wallet: With coronavirus causing market volatility, financial experts help you watch your nest egg

  Sanitized: Online listings for hand sanitizer, disinfectant advertise inflated prices

  State’s largest homeless provider starts screening clients for coronavirus

Now every new client must have their temperature taken and their travel history reviewed before being allowed in.

  Congress takes up insurance rate discrimination

A House subcommittee is considering making changes to insurance laws to stop car insurance companies from basing rates on factors like credit scores.

  Homeless woman turned a drive to help others into a job ... and a path off the streets

"I love it," said Tokita. It means a lot to me. I just want to give back to other people."

Groundbreaking ceremony marks start of affordable housing project in Kapolei

The 318-unit project will have one, two and three-bedroom apartments.

Caldwell: City’s finances are good (and rail won’t break the bank)

  Donations in hand, Waianae homeless camp leaders to purchase 20 acres outright

  Rate Discrimination: Some insurance companies give better rates for customers with certain jobs, education

  Ahead of sentencing, ex-Police Chief Louis Kealoha pleads for leniency

  Kealoha case fuels push to change pension laws for disgraced government employees

  Patriot Penalty: Deployed service members come home to find higher auto insurance rates

  Watching Your Wallet: How to become a 401(k) millionaire

From using a specialized retirement plan to considering using a "robo advisor," experts explain how you can grow your retirement savings.

  Costly Care: Medicare charged hundreds more than drug’s cost at cash value

A man noticed his insurance paid all of one medication, but then he discovered the federal government was billed hundreds more than market value.

  Owners at affordable condo to appeal after seeing their property taxes skyrocket

“It was quite a shock,” said James Kawana, who owns a studio on the 43rd floor of the complex and is appealing his assessment.

  HART opens the doors to rail cars and platform for a community preview

The event was held as part of the rail authority’s Train Community Day.

  City Council grills rail officials over delays through urban core

During a hearing of the Council’s Transportation Committee, city officials said the trains will run every 10 minutes, seven days a week, between five in the morning and 10 at night.

  Illegal Contact: Banned drugs found in athletic performance supplements

Current and former NFL players say they have tested positive for drugs because of contaminated supplements. Scientists say it's a problem not just for athletes but anyone taking supplements - particularly those in performance-enhancement categories like weight loss and muscle building.

  Multiple jobs. Doubling up. Hawaii adults say they’re doing it all and still struggling

Michelle Kauhane, of the Hawaii Community Foundation, said the survey’s results are a “call to action.”

  2 EMS workers left bloody after woman allegedly attacked them inside ambulance

The acting chief of Honolulu Emergency Services said his personnel are the victims of violence almost every day.

  A sharp increase in maintenance fees upsets residents of a Kakaako condo tower

The building was touted as affordable housing.

  What was once just a vision for Oahu’s homeless is now a thriving community

An old air-soft and paintball gun park used to be where Kahauiki Village sits just off Nimitz Highway.

  To avoid more delays, rail project wants to dial up daytime construction work

Honolulu rail executives are scrambling to avoid new delays and cost overruns on utility relocation work.

  Ige pledged to end homelessness in Hawaii by 2020. What happened?

"In hindsight maybe it was too aggressive, too aspirational.”

City: Those who died on Oahu streets last year ranged in age from 19 to 88

The average of age of those who died: Just 54 years old.

Report: A family of 4 needs $80,000 a year in Hawaii to pay for a frugal lifestyle

The self-sufficiency income for a family of four in Hawaii is $80,417, a new report concludes.

  Sources: Suspect in Waipahu attack had recently arrived in Hawaii, was booted from shelter

Sources say Franklin Houser has been in Hawaii just a few weeks -- and now he's accused of attempted murder.

1 year later, city touts success of Punawai Rest Stop for homeless

So far, the one-stop hygiene center helped place a total of 92 homeless people into housing.

  In bizarre twist, head of public defender’s office that exposed Kealoha corruption is ousted

The head of the federal public defender’s office is being ousted.

Volunteers wanted for annual homeless Point-in-Time count

The results of the count will help the state to get federal funds to fight the homeless crisis.

  Police arrest suspect accused of sexually assaulting 2 women at office building

The 39-year-old is facing multiple charges stemming from the incident.

  Recognizing Hate: FBI begins counting its own hate crime cases in federal data, inaccurate numbers remain

After years of breaking the law, the FBI has finally and quietly released its own hate crime statistics. As InvestigateTV uncovered in Measure of Hate, while the FBI published annual hate crime statistics, the agency failed to release its own numbers.

Amid ongoing cost of living woes, Hawaii’s population shrinks for third year

The population decline, while disappointing, was widely expected.

  Wahiawa residents say planned homeless shelter is unsafe

Alea Bridge’s Resource and Navigation Center will provide showers, hygiene and laundry facilities.

  Watching Your Wallet: Make smart money moves before 2020

From maxing out retirement contributions to checking your car insurance rates, experts say there are a few smart financial steps to take before the new year starts.

  Technicality means the Kealohas could get less prison time in mailbox case

A victory for the Kealohas in federal court Monday as a judge ruled against prosecutors in a decision that could affect their prison sentences.

Lanes on Nimitz are getting smaller as rail moves closer to town

If you drive Nimitz for the pau hana commute, you might want to find a new route in the coming weeks.

  City sets up HONU center to triage homeless people in Waipahu

Three large Inflatable tents at Waipahu Cultural Garden Park make up the first mobile homeless center on Oahu.

City unveils mobile outreach center to help move homeless off the streets

The city unveiled new tents that are part of a mobile project to help homeless individuals and families transition into shelter and permanent housing.

  Suit: Kauai police failed to monitor woman who took an hour to kill herself with blanket

"Her death didn’t make any sense to me.”

  A nonprofit on a mission: Helping at-risk youth find their way through sports

The goals are to give youth positive outlets, and exercise their bodies and minds.

  After 16 years, Navy veteran exonerated in child sex assault case

Tears of relief streamed down Roynes Dural’s face.

  Thousands enjoy a good meal, fellowship at Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving

As they do every year, the Salvation Army and its volunteers served up thousands of free Thanksgiving meals to Oahu's hungry.

  New tiny home community for the homeless now under construction in Kalaeloa

The hope is to have people start moving in by New Year’s Day.

  Family-owned restaurant delivers Thanksgiving meals homeless encampments

"So we made 10 plates and I took it to them and their families. The following year, there was more people so we started doing a little more," Matsumoto said.

  Preying on patriotism: Sham veterans and first-responder charities ousted for deception, their professional fundraisers largely left unscathed

Sham veterans and first-responder charities have been put out of business for misusing donations but their third-party, for-profit fundraisers remain in business.

  Watching Your Wallet: Don’t break your gift budget this holiday season

Americans plan to spend an average of $825 on holiday gifts this year, according to NerdWallet. Experts give you ways to stay on budget and find the best deals.

Honolulu’s acting prosecutor spends hours testifying in federal probe

Acting Prosecuting Attorney Dwight Nadamoto spent three hours testifying before the federal grand jury in the ongoing public corruption case.

  Cashing in on Charity: Donations meant to help sick children, wounded veterans, abused animals instead benefit for-profit fundraisers

Professional fundraisers are for-profit companies that contract with charities to solicit donations by telephone or through the mail. The industry is loosely regulated and can keep as much as 100% of donated dollars.

  A NYC homeless program relocated this family to Hawaii. It wasn’t easy or quick.

Three months after her arrival, Tiffany says this new life has brought her and her children stability and peace.

  Acting city prosecutor gets FBI subpoena to testify in ongoing criminal probe of his boss

It was not immediately clear what the subpoena is demanding.

  Waianae divided over relocation of state’s largest homeless camp

The homeless who live there say they want a better quality of life.

  Weeks after opening, new Big Island homeless shelter nearly at capacity

“Individuals that need a place to stay can come here and get their second wind."

  Despite $30M appropriation, little work underway on Ohana Zones

It was the most money ever put towards solving Hawaii's homeless crisis.

  Katherine Kealoha’s outspoken attorney withdrawing from the mailbox case

Earle Partington is withdrawing as attorney for Katherine Kealoha.

Citing ‘egregious’ fraud,' judge OKs request for new civil trial against Katherine Kealoha

Disgraced former Deputy Prosecutor Katherine Kealoha has lost another major courtroom battle.

Thanks to donations, Hawaii’s largest homeless camp a step closer to a permanent home

In order to begin operating on that land debt-free, the group needs to raise another $650,000.

  Katherine Kealoha’s ‘Alison Lee Wong’ resurfaces in bizarre court filing

A Bank of Hawaii employee has had the legal names ‘Alison Lee’ and ‘Alison Wong’ when she married, but she was never ‘Alison Lee Wong,’ the infamous imaginary friend ex deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha used to conceal illegal activity.

Missed Opportunity: Federal initiative meant to help poor neighborhoods benefits the rich

Neighborhoods with an average income of about six-figures are labeled “distressed” by the federal government.

  A new village-style homeless project could begin to rise by Thanksgiving on Oahu

It’s called a Kauhale -- a permanent community featuring tiny homes, common areas and shared facilities.

  Hidden Damage: Wrecked, flooded border patrol truck sold at dealership without damage declared

A Virginia man bought a car from a dealership. The title and history looked clear, but it turned out the truck had a dangerous history.

Groundbreaking held for transit-oriented condo-hotel near Ala Moana Center

It's scheduled to open in 2022.

  Is New York really ‘exporting its homeless to Hawaii,' as a recent article claimed?

A NYC Department of Homeless Services spokesperson said the Special One-Time Assistance identifies clients who may have support networks, employment or housing elsewhere.

Friends, relatives ask judge to consider Louis Kealoha’s public service in sentencing

“I honestly don’t know what Chief Kealoha knew or didn’t know about the events for which he stood trial,” one supporter wrote.

  Experts: City unlikely to recoup Louis Kealoha’s $250,000 payout

The payout was given to the former police chief to retire. But he agreed to return it if he was convicted.

  Businesses along busy urban corridor prepare for a hit as rail construction moves east

As construction for the rail project heads east, businesses along a major roadway are bracing for a drop in sales.

  Under deal approved by judge, Kealohas plead guilty to remaining charges

Kealoha and her husband had previously been convicted of multiple felonies in the so-called "Mailbox Trial."

  Roving homeless service center with inflatable tents to debut in Waipahu

The three-year, $6 million pilot project is called HONU.

  Kealohas agree to plead guilty to remaining federal charges

Under the plea deal, Honolulu’s former police chief and his wife, an ex-deputy city prosecutor, will admit to financial crimes. The trial on those charges was set to begin in January.

  Kealohas close to reaching a plea deal for remaining federal charges

Attorneys for Louis and Katherine Kealoha spent the day negotiating with the government on a proposed deal.