The 2018-2019 Government Shutdown

Resources like food, gas cards still available for impacted federal workers

Deal to reopen federal government brings temporary relief to Hawaii workers

  Hirono blames Trump’s obsession with ‘vanity wall’ for record-long shutdown

  Government shutdown adds months to timeline for Southwest’s Hawaii debut

Food stamp recipients urged to budget after misinformation spreads on social media

  Struggling with the government shutdown? Calling 2-1-1 can help

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  Failed votes, accusations of ‘crocodile tears’ and a ‘down payment’ offer from Trump as shutdown goes on

  With no end in sight to government shutdown, TSA agents at Hawaii airports start to resign

American Savings Bank offering jobs for federal employees seeking work

  Trump says he will give State of the Union ‘when the Shutdown is over’

Trump tweets he’ll hold off on State of the Union until after shutdown is over

Federal workers granted reprieve from out-of-pocket payments at several Hawaii hospitals

Popular Waikiki Thai restaurant offering free meals to federal workers

“We just wanted to do something to help these federal workers."

  Facing a second missed paycheck, hundreds of federal workers line up for emergency food bags

“I am literally living one week at a time right now."

Shout it out loud — KISS members offer free meals to TSA employees

Members from the legendary rock band KISS are offering furloughed TSA workers a free meal.

  Senate agrees to vote on competing bills to end shutdown

The Republican package would re-open the shuttered parts of government and boost some spending. To try to draw more bipartisan support, it adds $12.7 billion in supplemental funding for regions hit by hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters.

GoFundMe starts fundraiser for workers affected by partial government shutdown

Public schools across US risk running out of funds for free, reduced lunch program

  Some fear federal safety net is unraveling for those in need

  Hawaii company offers jobs (and same-day pay) to furloughed government workers

  KISS band members offer free meals to TSA employees impacted by government shutdown

Hungry? L&L offering 1,000 free meals to federal workers

Charity plans emergency food bag distribution for federal workers

The food bank said it is seeing increased need in the islands as the government shutdown enters its fifth week.

  Former airport worker turned Hawaii restaurateur gives hot meals to federal workers

"Any federal worker being affected by this shutdown. Denny’s is here to help.”

Can furloughed federal workers in Hawaii apply for unemployment? Yes, but ...

There’s a big catch.

Government shutdown holding up recovery funds for lava-ravaged Big Island communities

"The people processing the grants that are needed are not working anymore."

Silent march planned at HNL airport to protest government shutdown

AFGE is largest federal employees union.

As shutdown drags on, Hawaii banks offer mortgage relief, low-interest loans

To help in the short-term, several Hawaii banks have announced they’re offering special programs to federal workers.

  Because of government shutdown, man who wants to start new job is stuck in IRS limbo

The truck driver said he’s found a job that’ll give him the opportunity to spend more time with his family, but there’s a snag because of the partial federal government shutdown, now in its 26th day.

  Government shutdown triggers unprecedented early distribution of food stamps in Hawaii

Now the state is warning recipients to carefully budget their grocery purchases. Saying once this latest payment is gone it’s unclear how much will be dispersed in March if the shutdown hasn’t been resolved.

  Federal workers are turning to loans and food banks — and looking for new jobs

“I feel like I am being used as a pawn and my paycheck is being held hostage.”

LIST: Here’s where federal employees can get assistance as shutdown continues

Thousands of federal workers aren't getting paid as the shutdown continues.

  Restaurant gives furloughed workers free dinners

Government contractors, who have been placed indefinitely on unpaid leave, don't get compensated for lost hours.

  Government shutdown delays Southwest’s plans to start Hawaii service

Southwest Airlines' plans to service Hawaii are now on hold thanks to the ongoing government shutdown.

  Tourism industry keeps historic Pearl Harbor site open during government shutdown

Hawaii tour companies, hotels and airlines are pitching in more than $50,000 to keep the USS Arizona Memorial visitors' center open during the federal government shutdown.

  Trump rejects suggested short-term government shutdown fix

Leaving the White House for a trip to New Orleans, Trump said he had dismissed the proposal from Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham to reopen for several weeks and continue dealing with Democrats over Trump's long-promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

2020 Democratic primary set to intensify

While plans may change, the announcements are expected to come in waves, the first featuring a group of ambitious Senate Democrats including New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, California Sen. Kamala Harris and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who face pressure to join the race.

The advice for federal workers impacted by the shutdown: Contact your bank ASAP

Don't wait to call for help, experts say.

  ‘Scared to death’: Federal workers who aren’t getting paid face tough decisions in nation’s priciest state

"There’s no savings. You know you don’t make enough money here in Hawaii. The cost of living is really high."

  Federal workers seek loans, second jobs as shutdown lingers

They are scaling back spending, canceling trips, applying for unemployment benefits and taking out loans to stay afloat, with no end in sight for a partial shutdown that enters its 21st day Friday and will be the longest in history by this weekend.

  ‘It needs to end’: Federal workers in Hawaii scramble to make ends meet

“We’re just like everyone else. Just working families trying to get by."

Routine food inspections halted by US government shutdown

Meat and poultry inspections are conducted by another agency, however right now, cheese, infant formula and produce aren't being inspected.

Bill would protect federal workers from foreclosure, eviction during shutdown

More than 20 Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday introduced legislation that would protect federal employees from foreclosures or evictions during the shutdown of the federal government.

  National parks, air travel and beer: Shutdown impacts widely felt

The government shutdown may be partial, but it's still painful to those it impacts.

  Troops at US-Mexico border to cost $132 million by end of January, defense officials say

The number is $10 million more than a previous estimate.

  Food stamps guaranteed through February, USDA says

As the partial government shutdown continues, millions of Americans are concerned about their food stamps.

  In address to nation, Trump calls for funding for border security; Democrats accuse him of manufacturing crisis

The president addressed the nation about the ongoing government shutdown from the Oval Office on Tuesday night.

  Federal workers in Hawaii growing weary of working without pay

About 120 union members have been reporting for duty at the federal detention center near the Honolulu airport.

Millions could lose food assistance if government shutdown continues

Millions are at risk of losing food assistance amid the partial government shutdown.

Tax refunds ‘will go out’ despite government shutdown, White House official promises

With the opening of filing season just about a month away, and no end to the shutdown impasse in sight, the White House determined the IRS could legally issue the funds.

Banks and credit unions offer cheap loans to federal workers during government shutdown

Several financial institutions are making special accommodations for the roughly 800,000 federal employees who have been furloughed or working without pay since December 21.

  One youngster is on a mission to save the national parks, despite the government shutdown

While the federal government shutdown continues, a special young man is doing more than his fair share to pick up the slack at our national parks while politicians continue to bicker. Robbie Bond has accomplished more by the sixth grade than a lot of people do their entire lives. His mission to be a

  Little progress on shutdown, as Trump says it will last ‘as long as it takes’

The president said he was prepared to continue a standoff with Democrats “as long as it takes.”