Local Connection: A Fond Aloha, Rick Blangiardi

"Thank you for watching and supporting us through all these years. Your trust in us defines the very essence and purpose of our work."

  Local Connection: Cost of Living in 2020

Statistics about the state of Hawaii’s economy – especially for the middle and working class — are chilling.

  Local Connection: Happy Holidays!

Let us not forget to help each other, in small ways and in big ways if possible.

  Local Connection: Samoa Vaccination Mission

We do share much more than a common ocean.

Local Connection: Roynes Dural Exoneration

Sex Assault Charges against Roynes Dural were finally thrown out of court by a state judge last week.

  Local Connection: Violent Crimes on Oahu

Honolulu has long been considered – and still is – one of the safest big cities in America.

  Local Connection: Waikiki Groin

Construction was finished last week on a 95-foot groin made basically of big sand bags.

  Local Connection: Supporting The Salvation Army This Holiday Season

The holidays are here and you know what that means: 'Tis the season for The Salvation Army’s Red Kettles and bell ringers across the islands.

  Local Connection: Politics and Plastics on Oahu

The debate over how to move away from plastic and foam containers in the food industry is exposing chronic flaws in how the council does its business

Local Connection: Supporting UH Football

Coach Rolovich has turned the program around in his first few years.

  Local Connection: Aloha United Way’s 100th Anniversary

Hawaii News Now is privileged to honor the 100th anniversary of Aloha United Way in Hawaii.

Local Connection: Suburban Hotels in Hawaii

The opening of a 185-suite Residence Inn by Marriot in Kapolei should be a sign of things to come.

Local Connection: Battling the Vaping Epidemic

A strategy is taking shape for taking on the youth vaping epidemic in Hawaii.

  Local Connection: Protesting Projects in Hawaii

A telescope, a park and a wind farm – promised community benefit and have been approved by all the political and legal authorities

Local Connection: Union vs. Non-Union Work

The Honolulu council gave us another display of the power of unions over politicians in Hawaii.

Local Connection: Approval Ratings of Politicians and HPD Leadership

The one hopeful note is the confidence the public shows in our police department.

  Local Connection: Sextortion Apps

Helping you keep your children and your family safe is a primary mission of Hawaii News Now.

  Local Connection: The Injustice System

Hawaii News Now detailed the case of an innocent Roynes Dural.

Local Connection: Combatting Climate Change

It feels like the prospect of failure is increasing daily.

Local Connection: Vaping Risks in Kids

Sadly, we learned last week of the first Hawaii child to suffer serious lung damage tied to vaping.

Local Connection: CBD Products in Hawaii

The real scandal here is in that there are so many businesses in this community willing to exploit people

Local Connection: Scandal Among HART Employees

Honolulu's Rail project has enough problems.

Local Connection: Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential Run

What does Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard hope to accomplish by continuing her campaign for President?

Local Connection: Police Misconduct and Transparency

Secrecy is one reason there are so many people, not just women, who do not trust police departments

Local Connection: UH’s Season Opener

Let’s take a lesson from the team that doesn’t give up – and not give up on showing up.

Local Connection: Opioid Crisis in Hawaii

Dependence can arise from a legal and necessary treatment for pain.

Local Connection: Homeless Encampments

The police department is taking on some of this issue.

Local Connection: TMT and Hawaii’s Statehood Anniversary

You have to wonder what that next decade will be like.

Local Connection: Raised Crosswalks Across Oahu

The impact is pretty dramatic.

Local Connection: UH Football

The first game is Aug. 24 at Aloha Stadium, and is against Arizona of the Pac 12.

Local Connection: Hawaii’s Hurricane Season

Last week we got a potent reminder that Hurricane season is well underway.

Local Connection: Mass Shootings on American Soil

Something needs to change.

  Local Connection: Conflict on Mauna Kea

The TMT is in danger of becoming a national symbol for the mistreatment of native people

Local Connection: No Doubt, House in Hawaii is Expensive

There is no shortage of data that prove Hawaii's cost of housing is impossibly high.

Local Connection: Honolulu’s Bulky Item Pickup System

Some say it may have been designed to fail so that the city can justify charging money for garbage service.

Local Connection: Pressure for Keith Kaneshiro

Kaneshiro was one of very few people who could have prevented the worst of the corruption.

Local Connection: Guilty Verdict for the Kealohas

It’s refreshing to know that in the end, justice was delivered by 12 regular people who knew right from wrong

Local Connection: Vacation Rental Regulations

The visitor industry protested mightily when the mayor and city council moved to raise the hotel and resort property tax by one dollar per thousand dollars value.

Local Connection: Final Approval for TMT

Developers of the planned thirty meter telescope have reached a tremendous milestone.

Local Connection: The Kealoha Trial

This is without question the most important public corruption trial in state history.

Local Connection: What is your Kuleana?

Kuleana is the Hawaiian word for responsibility.