Climate Change in Hawaii

What can you do to live more sustainably? An online dashboard offers answers

“This is what we all need to do together."
  Proposed steel sea wall for an Ewa Beach shoreline raises concerns
Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz is among those asking them to reconsider.
City to sue fossil fuel companies in bid to hold them ‘accountable’ for climate change
At a news conference Tuesday, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said fossil fuel companies have known for decades about the impacts of climate change.

Climate change making stronger El Ninos, UH-led study finds

Climate change is making stronger El Ninos, which change weather worldwide and heat up an already warming planet, a new study finds.

Hawaii’s surf might disappear completely if climate change worsens, experts say

The sea level is projected to rise 6.5 feet by the end of the century.

  Marine heat waves, like the one behind Hawaii’s sweltering summer, poised to be ‘new normal’

Scientists warn marine heat waves could have widespread implications -- in the water and on land.

  Jane Fonda arrested while protesting climate change in Washington

The actress and activist was handcuffed on the east side steps and escorted into a police vehicle. Video of the arrest circulated online.

‘We’re all in big trouble’: Climate panel sees a dire future

Scientists say these accelerating changes will harm people, plants, animals, food, societies, infrastructure and the global economy.

  Hundreds of young climate activists ‘strike’ in Downtown Honolulu

At city hall, there will be a rally featuring poets, musicians, and guest speakers.

Hawaii scientists say political interference in Washington could impact public trust and safety

University of Hawaii professor and climate expert Chip Fletcher says he has personally experienced political interference under the Trump Administration when sharing research he worked on with colleagues from federal agencies.

  Experts: Climate change threatens bigger, stronger ... and slower hurricanes

Are super storms like Hurricane Dorian becoming the new normal? Weather experts still disagree over whether climate change is to blame.

New UN warming report sees hungry future that can be avoided

A new United Nations scientific report examines how global warming and land interact in a vicious cycle. Human-caused climate change is dramatically degrading the land, while the way people use the land is making global warming worse.

  In 7th State of the City, mayor focuses on threat of ‘climate crisis’

It will be the mayor's seventh State of the City address.

Hawaii residents to take to the streets in global climate change rally

It's all part of the Global Climate Strike For Future movement.

Hundreds of Hawaii’s youth to join nationwide climate change rally

The protesters’ goal: move away from fossil fuels and push for 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

Global carbon dioxide levels measured atop Mauna Loa set a new monthly record

“Today’s emissions will still be trapping heat in the atmosphere thousands of years from now.”

State on track to lower greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020

"We know that bending the curve of emissions down by 2020 gives the world the best opportunity to prevent the worst effects of climate change."

  As sea level rises, state considers the perils and opportunities of ‘managed retreat’

Experts say sea level rise is putting Hawaii's shorelines at risk.

  Heavy snow on Maui. Historic floods on Kauai. Hawaii weather is getting weird

An emerging area of science is seeking to better predict bizarre weather events and their link to climate change.

Did you know Mauna Kea has permafrost? ... Well, it might not have it for much longer

“Nobody knows how old it is. We do know that it’s disappearing.”

January seemed really cold, right? Actually, it was one of Hawaii’s warmest ever

January seemed really cold in Hawaii. On average, it wasn't.

  Experts seek long-term solutions to North Shore’s chronic erosion problem

"I don’t look forward to that day, but it is coming soon."

In wake of winter storm, mayor tells residents: Be prepared for more

“We're going be dealing with this much, much more in the future with our changing climate."

  Emergency funding, climate change among mayors’ top legislative priorities

"It is important that we put more county, state and whatever federal funds we can ascertain to help move that road out of harms way.”

As sea levels rise, short-term fixes along Hawaii beaches might hasten erosion, study says

Nearly 20 percent of beach has been lost in the area, while 55 percent of beaches are getting more narrow.

How to curb Hawaii’s greenhouse gas emissions? Legislators to consider carbon tax for polluters (big and small)

Motorists wouldn't be the only ones paying the carbon tax, if passed.

How to curb emissions of earth-warming carbon? State commission wants to tax it

A carbon tax would levy a fee on the production, distribution or use of fossil fuels.

Federal report: Hawaii has even less time to prepare for the devastating effects of climate change

A startling new federal report released Friday solidifies previous research that climate change will have devastating effects in Hawaii but warns there is even less time than previously thought to prepare for the effects.

Bitcoin may hasten global warming. Here’s how

Cryptocurrencies should “critically aim to reduce electricity demand," the researchers said.