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Music Post: The Medium is the Music

Marshall McLuhan famously said that the medium is the message,' having figured out that the nature of any communications medium affects its content and the way that content is perceived.
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From Las Vegas With Love

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‘Real Dollars’ Applied to Hurricane Damage

Music Post: Howard Hanson, Great U.S. Composer

Hanson’s music tends to be dramatic, with unexpected chord changes, and tone color polish.

On Aging

My father turned 99 this year, and a couple weeks ago I turned 65, so it won’t surprise you that I have lately thought much about aging.

Whoah! 65!

I’m so old I remember when Paul McCartney’s “When I’m 64” was new music.

Music Post: Ghosts of Instruments Past

Instruments once common in performing classical music that fell into disuse.


Residents, business owners fight to stop proposed Chinatown homeless station

  Forecast: Nice conditions for the weekend

Lots of sunshine, very few showers ahead.