Hawaii Thanks Heroes

‘Aloha In Motion’ parade brings smiles to elderly Kauai Care Center residents

"Tears of joy and the happiness that they got to feel, just for a moment, that really brightened their day.”

Honolulu family sends ‘mega mahalos’ to front-line workers

A big, big New York City thank you to Hawaii’s front line heroes

Hoping that our healthcare professionals stay safe, from Karen O’Donnell

Post thank you notes to healthcare heroes and first responders on the HNN website

For those who are designated essential workers, a special mahalo

Showing appreciation for a special Honolulu city bus driver

Continued Coverage

First responders proving ‘countless blessings,’ Honolulu family says

Expressing gratitude for the men and women at Clinical Labs of Hawaii

Thanks to an HPD officer for feeding a homeless man

A note for first responders from Christopher Skogg

A note to those making the sacrifices for Hawaii from Jeanné

‘You have been courageous in the face of great fear,’ writes Virginia Bull

An enthusiatic ‘mahalo’ from the Hanohano ohana

"Hawaii, we will get through this! We’re strong, and resilient. There is light at the end of the tunnel," she writes.

Keiki from Tucson send their aloha to Hawaii’s front-line workers

This submission includes handwritten notes from Arizona fourth graders that have been transcribed for our readers.

Oregon residents says thanks to Oahu emergency room doctor

Tiffany is "the best and deserves a very big thank you for her dedication and caring for all!"

‘Air Medical Mahaloz’ from Kat Revuelto

Would like to give a big shoutout to our air medical flight crews saving lives everyday!