The Pandemic: A Year With Coronavirus

Town Hall Conversations:

 From lessons learned to building back better: HNN panel to consider post-pandemic future

Hawaii brands are looking to ensure the lessons learned during the pandemic aren’t lost as they work to build back better.

 HNN town hall panelists discuss ‘new normal’: Masks, tourism, diversifying the economy

Economists say tourism is key to bringing back the economy to pre-pandemic levels. But they say it should be done responsibly.

 Healthcare leaders discuss COVID variants, vaccines and booster shots in HNN town hall

The conversation comes as more Hawaii residents are becoming eligible for the COVID vaccine and restrictions are slowly easing.

 In HNN town hall, Hawaii’s mayors to discuss COVID restrictions and what’s next

Hawaii’s mayors have taken a key role in the COVID pandemic, seeking to balance public health with the economy.

 Ige, department heads acknowledge challenges of pandemic response

But the governor also said the state's low infection and fatality rates are proof he put the community first.

Extended Coverage: A Year With Coronavirus

 During a year without crowds, entertainers’ resilience and innovation was centerstage
"We know music and art really help people through the hardest times ... and show resilience as a people. The only way we get through this is together.”
 TIMELINE: It’s been one year since Hawaii issued its first stay-at-home order
Health experts stress that Hawaii isn’t out of the woods yet, and that residents should still take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
 Lava nearly claimed her home and COVID left her unemployed again, but she’s not giving up
“There is no guarantee. When it comes down to it you are responsible for your own self and the government will be there for some of it and not for others."
 Shutdowns happened almost overnight. Digging out, Hawaii businesses say, will take time.
The pandemic has had dire public health implications in Hawaii, but it’s also had significant economic ones. Hundreds of businesses have closed for good.
 Experts: Pandemic’s ‘unwinnable’ toll on Hawaii highlighted leadership stumbles
There’s no question that the events of the last 12 months were unprecedented, but experts say they also revealed some deep failures in Hawaii’s public leaders.
 For Hawaii’s student-athletes, it was a year of canceled seasons and lost opportunities
The pandemic didn’t just close schools. It canceled organized sports, triggering a ripple effect for countless high school student-athletes.
 Impacts of pandemic to Hawaii’s kupuna go far beyond public health threat
Over the last year, COVID-19 has devastated Hawaii’s kupuna community ― and the impacts go far beyond the public health threat.
 After a ‘lost year’ for many students, educators and advocates scramble to get them help
“The gap has dramatically widened,” said Mitch D’Olier, an Accrediting Commission for Schools commissioner. “These kids are permanently set back.”

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More COVID-19 Headlines:

  Support grows for IP waiver on virus vaccines; snags remain

  Moderna: Vaccine boosters likely needed every 9-12 months

  Hawaii artists explore opportunities for collecting royalties in digital music landscape

  In key step toward fully reopening campuses, state to launch school-based vaccination clinics

  City: Personal information belonging to some Oahu rent relief applicants mishandled

CDC sets rules for trial cruises with volunteer passengers

64 new COVID infections, 1 fatality reported, bringing state’s virus death toll to 485

City to reopen applications portal for rent and utility relief program

Federal program offers much-needed grants to Hawaii’s struggling restaurants