Treating every 911 call like a COVID call

“Suiting up, being extra careful, putting your mask on. It’s just the attitude that it’s going to be like this. As far as we know, it’s forever. So we adapt.”

 Building a home away from home

“Being that I never lived outside of Hawaii in my entire life, I had anxiety as moving day got closer. I’m adjusting better than I thought I would.”

 A teacher finds a hidden life lesson

“What I struggled with the most is it really did not feel fair. I felt burned by the system. But I just kind of let it go."

 Searching for a mid-pandemic lifeline

"The plan evolves, what I was relying on last week is maybe not the reality this week. I'm trying to figure it out. I just have to get creative."

 He beat the virus, but it left some scars

“I had gloves, I had everything. I just took off my mask, just for one hour and it just turned my life around. The virus tore through my body so fast."

Retirement plans, dashed

“I don’t think it’ll ever get back to what we are used to. Ever. We’re gonna have to accept change."

Local Headlines:

MPD arrests 1 man, cite 12 others in latest ‘drum circle’ beach party
Motorcyclist dies following crash in Central Oahu
No tsunami threat from distant 7.3-magnitude earthquake
Hawaii Pacific Health says so far, over 8,600 people vaccinated at Pier 2
Hawaii reports 4 additional COVID-19 deaths as state passes 25K total case mark