COVID-19 Toolkit

  A year after mass vaccination effort in Samoa, Green says effort highlights scale of task ahead

  New testing initiative identifies COVID-19 clusters in Oahu’s homeless camps

  Virtual fundraiser supporting Caldwell’s bid for governor raises eyebrows

  After false positives, Hawaii County considers nixing post-arrival test for travelers

  COVID-19 is taking a heavy toll on residents' mental health, experts say

  Hawaii’s GOP not discouraged by Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis

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  Family seeks answers on a father’s final days battling COVID-19 at veterans home

  Homeless shelter reopens following COVID-19 outbreak, but with fewer beds

  Federal aid is available to those impacted by the pandemic. Here’s how to apply for it.

  New COVID-19 cases are declining, but hospitals continue to grapple with nursing shortage

  ‘COVID Pau’ initiative aims to improve access to information to stop spread of virus

  Advocates: Aggressive action needed amid ‘sub-epidemic’ in Pacific Islander community

  Ventilator use declines as doctors get a better understanding of COVID-19

“We’re really now trying to keep patients off the ventilator as long as we can.”

City limits number of permits after campgrounds reopen

Oahu families are excited to be out camping again after not being allow to for more than three months.

  Facing opposition, IHS halts plan to buy Chinatown building for homeless ‘triage center’

The non-profit is in search of another place to put a homeless “triage center,” preferably in the same neighborhood.

  Generous donors with good connections bolster Hawaii’s PPE stockpile

Hawaii’s healthcare providers received a massive shipment of surgical masks: 752,000 to be exact.

  As lawmakers grapple with $1B shortfall, advocates urge them to preserve social safety net

IRS launches ‘Get My Payment’ tool for stimulus checks

Think you need a coronavirus test? Here’s what you need to do

  The city has instituted a nighttime curfew for Easter weekend. Here’s how it works

  Working from home? Here’s how to avoid a monster electricity bill

Surgeon general releases video demonstrating how to make face masks

  To prevent spread of virus, mayor asks all Oahu residents to wear a cloth mask in public

The state is reporting 285 cases of coronavirus, 206 of which are on Oahu.

Q&A: How to get aid for a small business hit by coronavirus crisis

Millions of small business owners will be turning to the government, seeking help for an individual and nationwide cataclysm, the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

How to prep for and spend your government relief check

Now is the time to prep your finances and plan. The best use of your relief money depends on your individual circumstances.

  Despite shutdown, businesses are hiring. Here’s how to find those with ‘help wanted’ signs

Even during these historic times with an unprecedented number of layoffs, there are companies that are hiring.

  WATCH: ‘Coronavirus Pandemic: Hawaii’s Response,’ our town hall on COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen across the state, the need for accurate information and honest answers is higher than ever.

COVID-19 and your pets: What are the risks?

The American Veterinary Medical Association said it's "very unlikely" a person would contract the virus by petting or playing with pets.

Amid outbreak, here’s what you can do to reduce your chances of getting sick

As the US grapples with an outbreak of COVID-19, officials are urging people to practice good hygiene to lower their chances of getting sick and infecting others.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus or COVID-19?

The symptoms are similar: fever, body ache, cough.