Checking In: Hawaii's Shutdown Stories

  Checking in with photographer Melanie Tjoeng

Photographers have been documenting their experience with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Checking in with surfer Bethany Hamilton

Guy Hagi asked the professional surfer about how she has been dealing with the shutdown.

  Checking in with pet boutique owner Jordan Lee

Many stores like the Public Pet remained open during the shutdown to supply food and other necessities to pet owners.

  Checking in with Kauai Farmer Lyndsey Haraguchi-Nakayama

Farmers face uncertain future as tourism remains shut down.

  Checking in with high school senior Taylor-Ann Okimoto

High school seniors are counting down the days to graduation ceremonies. But they’ll be very different this year, missing the hugs and piles of lei.

  Checking in with the state's film commissioner Donne Dawson

As the state tries to recover from the financial meltdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Hawaii’s film industry hopes to help jump-start the economy.

  Checking in with stylist Dayna Okuma

It's been weeks since hair salons and barber shops were last open before the stay-at-home order was issued to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

  Checking in with botanical boutique co-owner Courtney Monahan

The governor announced that flower deliveries would be allowed after all starting Friday, as long as social distancing was followed.

  Checking in with State Rep. Chris Lee

The state Capitol building is closed following news that state Sen. Clarence Nishihara tested positive for coronavirus, but there's still a lot of legislative w

  Checking in with HNN film critic Terry Hunter

With the stay-at-home order in effect the demand for entertainment content is up. Our HNN film critic explains how a local public library card can give you acce

  Checking in with bar owner Jasmine Mancos

Social distancing restrictions closed restaurants, bars and night clubs. Now some establishments are getting creative.

  Checking in with COVID-19 survivor Paul Greenslade

On March 24, the 79-year-old visitor from the United Kingdom was rushed by ambulance to the Straub Medical Center with a severe case of COVID-19.

  Checking in with Oahu DJ Nara Nellis

Due to social distancing restrictions night clubs have been ordered to suspend operations, and that has put many local DJs out of work.

  Checking in with Sen. Mazie Hirono

Hirono discusses federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Checking in with Big Brothers Big Sisters CEO Dennis Brown

Big Brothers Big Sisters is still enrolling children and volunteers, and is continuing to support virtual relationships during this time of social distancing.

  Checking in with local makeup artist Risa Hoshino

Makeup artists and hair stylists are taking a big financial hit during the stay-at-home order.

  Checking in with Make-A-Wish CEO Trini Kaopuiki Clark

Make-A-Wish Hawaii has stopped all incoming and outgoing travel for the program. The non-profit is still getting creative with its fundraising.

  Checking in with local teacher Ashley Ho

In the time of distance learning and students taking on digital lessons at home, Hawaii teachers are also seeking ways to stay connected.

  Checking in with local designer Roberta Oaks

A sweeping “stay-at-home” order is now in effect statewide ― and it's impacting local boutiques.

  Checking in with local dentist Dr. Cedric Lewis

With routine in-person visits on pause because of coronavirus concerns, some dentists are still taking emergency patients.

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