Humid, windy days are worse for pain, study says

Straub opens new clinic, welcomes patients in booming Kakaako

  Results from a Shriners hospital study could improve child healthcare, rehabilitation rates

Kapi’olani Medical Center launches new after-hours pediatric walk-in clinic

Looking for the right sunscreen? Here’s what you need to know.

Visitor who ate a slug on a dare among latest confirmed cases of rat lungworm

Continued Coverage

  The beautiful island of Molokai is in dire need of one thing: Medical professionals

Oahu named among US counties at ‘high risk’ of measles outbreak

  Lifeguard battling testicular cancer has warning for other men: Don’t ignore the signs

  Tool smaller than a grain of rice makes big difference in breast cancer surgeries

Queen’s named among nation’s best hospitals

  A stroke stole his voice and nearly his mobility. It couldn’t take his willpower

  Little boy’s health hurdles underscore lack of diversity in bone marrow registry

“The chance of him finding a donor is like we used to say, a needle in a haystack."

Hawaii is the healthiest state, but some counties healthier than others

A new report ranks all counties in the nation on the health of their residents.

5 people plead guilty in connection with Hawaii diet supplement deaths

Three Hawaii residents who took the diet pill died of liver failure.

  More gum disease patients forgo scalpel in favor of cutting-edge laser surgery

"Laser made sense to me just because it's laser and it's not cut and stitch, the old way."

  Have bad breath? You could be making it worse. Here’s how.

GRAPHIC: FDA warns against using ‘vampire plasma’ to reverse aging

Scientists discover how to make immune cells better at killing cancer

Spain is the world’s healthiest country – the U.S. did not make the top 20

  'Ekahi Health’s recipes and better choices to get you heart healthy

The number of unvaccinated kindergartners grew again in Hawaii last year

Big Island infant diagnosed with rat lungworm disease

Officials said the infant has been transferred to Oahu for further treatment.

  Cutting-edge procedure helps severe stroke victims recover faster — and more fully

Carlos Jorge will never forget the September morning he suffered a stroke.

Santa honors boy’s Christmas wish by bringing $1,200 for cancer research

After an 8-year-old asked Santa to borrow money for kids with cancer, word spread quickly among family friends and colleagues, and the boy found $1,200 under the tree Christmas morning.

Doctors baffled after 11-year-old girl’s brain tumor disappears

Even after double-checking the girl’s brain scans to confirm the results, doctors could find no trace of her tumor, which they say they can’t explain.

Hawaii is once again the healthiest state in the country, report says

Residents of Hawaii have reclaimed their title as the healthiest in the country.

Most drug overdoses involve fentanyl, CDC finds

The study found illicit drugs like fentanyl, heroin and cocaine were the leading causes of unintentional overdoses, and prescription drugs were more likely to be involved in suicidal overdoses.

Visitors barred from Kona hospital amid scabies outbreak

The policy is being described as an “aggressive preventive measure to protect patients and staff from potential exposure to infection.”

Dozens affected in scabies outbreak reported at a Kona hospital

The Big Island news organization said that up to 50 hospital workers were diagnosed with scabies.

  CDC’s warning to steer clear of romaine lettuce hitting Hawaii suppliers, farmers hard

The contaminated lettuce has made at least 32 people sick in 11 states.

Hawaii woman becomes first in state to get specialized radiation treatment for cancer

The woman has a slow-growing, rare cancer.

State considers new school immunization rules

Under the proposed new rules, the state wants to add three more types of vaccinations.

  ‘Milestone’ surgery saves Oahu woman’s life

"I thought I’m going to die right away."

March of Dimes gives Hawaii’s record on premature births a near-failing grade

The preterm birth rate in the islands: 10.4 percent.

  Childhood obesity inching up in the islands

The obesity rate among Hawaii high schoolers is 14.2 percent — the 20th highest rate in the nation.

  Dozens of Mauna Loa mac nut products recalled over potential E. coli concerns

No illnesses related to the recalls have been reported.

GRAPHIC: ‘Black, hairy tongue’: Yes, this really happens

A report in the New England Journal of Medicine said a 55-year-old woman developed the tongue condition as a side-effect to treatment of a wound infection she developed after sustaining severe leg injuries in an auto accident.

  Sunrise Shape Up: Flexibility and Agility

Total body agility and strength building - This month we wish to highlight four exercises that can be incorporated into any routine regardless of your fitness level. Your frequency, intensity, and duration will define your exercise output, therefore, find a repetition range that is appropriate for your fitness level. Have fun and enjoy challenging yourself with these UNYQE Fitness exercises.  1. Knee to stand - Start in a kneeling position, with one foot forward, keeping the upp...

  Hawaii Students Can Sign up for Flu Shots at School

Consent papers have been sent home for your child to get the flu shot at school. It's free for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Parents need to sign the papers and return them to the school by August 16. Health officials say now is a key time to get the shot with everyone going back to school and spreading germs. Copyright 2018 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

  Healthier Hawaii:  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It's time for Healthier Hawaii.  Today we're talking about an increasingly common condition -- carpal tunnel syndrome.  Dr. Sam Chen is an orthopedic surgeon at Straub Medical Center.  What is common is carpal tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel is a condition that affects about 12 million people in the United States. It's becoming more common and more recently being seen in younger people, primarily due to the use of technology. Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome is the ...

  Ohana Matters: Loneliness epidemic

Cigna just released the findings from a study they conducted with 20,000 people on what is becoming known as the "loneliness epidemic."

  Sunrise Shape Up: Soccer Conditioning

In the spirit of the world cup, we have created a routine that derives from agility and conditioning drills used to enhance performance during a game of soccer yet are also very beneficial for day to day cardiovascular health, balance, agility and coordination.  Therefore no matter your age or fitness level the exercises demonstrated in today's segment will compliment any routine in the gym or in your preferred workout environment.  The slalom: Set-up, Make a series o...

Sunrise Shape Up: Crunches

Today in Sunrise Shape Up we focus on different types of crunches. Bryan Watkins from Unyque Fitness gives us 5 different variations. The following exercise is designed to engage your abs while protecting your spine. these are all great exercises to incorporate into any routine. 1. Standard Floor Crunch - Lie face up with your knees bent with your lower back flat against the floor. Place your hands behind your head to support your neck. Lift your chest until your shoulder blades are...

Makakilo Girl Battles DIPG, Hopes Her Fight Will Raise Awareness

An 11-year-old Makakilo girl is battling a brain tumor called DIPG...or Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. If you've never heard of it...neither did her family until she got it. As a gymnast, Kaylan Haywood won the state championship for the vault last November. But then in January of this year she went to another meet and could barely perform. "She started, her left side started getting weak," says her mom Michela. "She started dragging her foot. Her arm was ju...

Kaiser Permanente to host skin cancer screenings

Kaiser Permanente is hosting a free skin cancer screening this Saturday, March 10. It starts at 8AM at Waipio Medical Office.

Umeke Market switches to new plant-based menu

Umeke Market changed things up this past March by switching to a brand new plant-based menu!

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal Cancer is the third most common cancer, based on new diagnoses each year. It is also the second most deadly cancer in both men and women. But it is easily cured if diagnosed early...

  Volleyball star, Hawaii resident Gabrielle Reece weighs in on opioid use

Each year, 70 million Americans receive opioids following surgery, with one in 10 patients admitting they've become addicted. Former volleyball star and part-time Hawaii resident Gabrielle Reece underwent reconstructive knee surgery...

  3rd annual Hawaii Healthcare Heroes nominations being accepted until June 27

Third Annual Hawaii Healthcare Heroes is the only patient-nominated awards program in the nation.  Nominations are now being accepted for 2016 Hawaii Healthcare Heroes. Five heroes will be selected from nominations statewide. The deadline to submit nominations is June 27.

  Pono in Paradise: Homemade spam

While it may be one of the most popular snack foods in Hawaii, there is no question that a Spam musubi could be healthier.  Salt, preservatives, and other additives that go into the tasty mystery meat can all be eliminated by making your own homemade version of this island favorite...

  Sunrise Shapeup: The benefit of pilates for men

For this edition of Sunrise Shape Up, Jennifer Robbins learns about the benefits of pilates for men.  It can improve men's flexibility, strengthen muscles that are not used often, as well as, support their core and posture.

  Dr. Bill Sears Says a Clean Diet Leads to a Healthy Mind

Dr. Bill Sears was a pediatrician for 40 years. He's also a cancer survivor. He has a workshop tonight at McKinley High School to talk about mental health. He says diet can contribute to clear thinking and increased memory. His talk is free and open to the public. It starts at 6:30.

  HPH accepting applications for summer student research program

Are you a college student contemplating a medical career?

Hawaii dentist says smiling is key to better health

Dr. Wynn Okuda is back!  Dr. Okuda talked about how your smile not only brings out the smiles in other people, but is instrumental to health because smiling triggers the release of certain chemicals in your body's system that helps with feeling better and being well and healthy. We also have for you some New Year's resolutions for healthier teeth and gums!  Dr. Okuda mentions a study that says what people would rather do than floss their teeth. (one of them was cleaning...

  Sunrise Shapeup - Surviving the Holiday Parties

The holidays are a whirlwind of parties and happy hours, so here are tips of how to survive the holiday season in a healthy way.

Healing Forces, Kahi Mohala

Hawaii’s active duty military women and men are able to get treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through “Healing Forces,” a trauma recovery program of Sutter Health Kahi Mohala.

Blue Zones Aim For Healthier Hawaii

Nick Buettner is with the Blue Zones Project which is done in conjunction with HMSA. Only 20 other communities in the U.S. have been chosen for Blue Zones Project.   Three communities in Hawaii :  North Hawaii, East Hawaii, and Koolaupoko were chosen,.We talked with Nick Buettner what the Blue Zone Project is, and how they have gone around the world looking for the secrets to health that certain geographical or ethnic groups of people have that could be shared or incorporated...

  HealthCare Hero - Jim Stremick a Physical Therapist at Prime Care Services Hawaii

Today's Healthcare Hero is Jim Stremick a Physical Therapist at Prime Care Services Hawaii.

  Healthcare Hero - Pulmonologist Dr. Warren Tamamoto

Asthma patient gets a new lease on life from 2015 Healhcare Hero, Pulmonologist Dr. Warren Tamamoto at Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center.

  Tooth Talk: Dr. Okuda Showcases Latest Innovations in Dentistry

Dr. Wynn Okuda is a Cosmetic & Restorative Dentist. He shed some light on new technology being used in dentistry such as DNA testing, Perioscopy, CT scans and dental restorations with built in fluoride.

  Healthcare Hero - Dr. Juliette Zelada

Our next Healthcare Hero comes the island of Kauai. Dr. Juliette Zelada was on duty at Wilcox Hospital when paramedics rolled John David Stem into the ER.

  Healthcare Hero - Grace Porras

Today's Healthcare Hero is Grace Porras.  Grace is a nurse at Maunalani Nursing and Rehab Center.

  UH Cancer Center Offers Rare Tour for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The National Cancer Institute is offering a rare tour and an opportunity to learn more about research and care in Hawaii.For more information, click HERE.Copyright 2015 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

  Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack Ideas for Kids

All across the nation, childhood obesity is increasingly becoming a major problem for our kids.  With the summer coming to a close and school starting up shortly, it's a good idea to make sure the lunches and snacks you pack for your children are healthy ones.Beth Danowsky is Registered Dietitian...

  Sunrise Shape Up - Post Injury & Pain Management

Joint pain and old injuries that leave lingering discomfort can be a big obstacle to getting back into a healthy lifestyle.

  Tony & Emmy-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth helping to raise awareness for breast cancer

Actress Kristin Chenoweth is one busy lady. She appears eight times a week on Broadway in "On the Twentieth Century," and recently hosted the Tony awards.In addition to her acting career, she's also making time to speak out on a topic near and dear to her heart.Her mother is a...

Lanakila Pacific helping prepare for the "Silver Tsunami"

In less than six years, experts say one out of every four people in Hawaii will be a senior citizen.It's being called the "Silver Tsunami."As the baby-boomers age, Hawaii’s senior population is rapidly increasing.The statistics are staggering. According to the State's Executive Office on Aging...

  Healthy Tips to Fuel Right in the Morning

(Hawaii News Now) - Summertime means longer days and more activities, whether it's chasing after school-free kids, keeping up with the yard work or just enjoying the sunshine. In order to get everything done, families need to jump-start their morning – but what many don't realize is...

  Brazilian Style Soccer Comes To Kailua

(Hawaii News Now) - Soccer (futebol) enthusiasts the world over revere Brazil's Pele, the "God" of soccer. Now, Kailua's youth will have the unique opportunity to become the next ‘Pele.'  Coach Hugo Guttierez, the new Director of Coaching for the Windward Oahu Soccer Club...

  Arthritis Foundation Walk Raises Awareness and Funds for a Cure

(Hawaii News Now) - The Arthritis Foundation is proud to announce the 2014 Honorees for the Walk to Cure Arthritis on Sunday, June 1 at the Hawai‘i State Capitol. Honorees will be recognized at the annual Walk, the single largest fundraiser...

  Skin Cancer Prevention and Staying Safe in the Sun

(Hawaii News Now) - May is National Skin Cancer Month, so it is a great time to talk about skin cancer and its prevention. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and regrettably, in the U.S...

  New Eligibility Criteria for Blood Donors

(Hawaii News Now) - Effective today, Blood Bank of Hawaii (BBH) is opening the doors for more donors due to new eligibility criteria. With advancements in medical research and technology, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined these new requirements to be safe for...

Free AED/Cardiac Screening Event

(Hawaii News Now) - Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in young athletes and the third leading cause of death in children. Every three days, one high school-aged athlete in the United States suffers SCA...

  Red Cross First Aid/CPR: The Need to be Prepared for Emergencies

(Hawaii News Now) - March is Red Cross Awareness Month.  Just like the Red Cross, we all want to be ready and prepared for when emergencies arise.  Part of being prepared is knowing how to perform CPR...

  The Hapalua – Hawaii’s Half-Marathon

(Hawaii News Now) - The third edition of The Hapalua – Hawaii's Half-Marathon – will be held April 13  at 6 a.m., starting at the Duke Kahanamoku statue and ending at Kapiolani Park...

  American Cancer Society Urges Increased Colon Cancer Screening to Save Lives

(Hawaii News Now) - While a combination of earlier detection and better treatments have yielded a steady decline in the colorectal cancer death rate over the past 20 years, colorectal cancer will kill an estimated 50,310 people...

  The Biggest Loser - Sunrise Challenge: Child and Family Services

(Hawaii News Now) - It's time once again to check in with one of the teams from our Biggest Loser - Sunrise Challenge.  Sponsored by UHA Health Insurance, four teams, including our very own Sunrise team...

  Don't miss the Fitness Fair at Pearlridge Center this Saturday!

(HawaiiNewsNow) - Certified personal trainer Chris Miranda joined Steve in Studio B to talk about the upcoming Fitness Fair to show us how to stay fit and have fun...

  Be Healthy in the New Year with the Party Girl Diet

(HawaiiNewsNow) - The "Party Girl Diet," designed by Aprilanne Hurley has a new book out called "The Super Abs Playbook" to get you those flat abs we all want. Hurley joined Grace in Studio B to discuss what foods are great for digestion, as well as some delicious and healthy smoothie recipes...