Want to chase rainbows? It’s as easy as downloading a new app

Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 12:31 PM HST

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Driving down the H-1 Freeway, Paul Cynn desperately wanted to get out of his car to take in the most breathtaking double rainbow he had ever seen.

Unfortunately, having nowhere to stop, he kept that image in his memory and decided to figure out a way to bring more rainbows into his life.

While painting his car with rainbows and creating a colorful tie-dye interior was a great start, he teamed up with University of Hawaii Professor Steven Businger to create something everyone could enjoy — an app to chase rainbows.

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Businger published a research paper earlier this year to go “beyond the high school science class” and dig deep into the rainbow phenomena. Throughout the paper, he argues why Hawaii is the best place in the world for people to see the most incredible rainbows.

“A rainbow is the celestial path that Hawaiian gods use to come down to Earth from their home in the godly realms,” Businger wrote.

In addition to the explanation of the cultural and spiritual prevalence of Hawaii’s rainbows, he also explains why the Aloha state has the perfect climate for frequent colorful sightings.

The perfect rainbow recipe includes:

  • Clean (non-polluted) air
  • Vast mountain ranges
  • Light showers
  • Lots of sunshine

The app allows users to predict rain frequency, cloud patterns and where to chase down their rainbow. It also includes a photo section where anyone can store their rainbow catch of the day.

As co-creator of the app, Cynn hopes it brings more smiles to the world.

“They going to smile and say, ‘Holy Cow!’ Then they take a picture, and they share everywhere,” Cynn said. He envisions millions of visitors chasing down rainbows and sharing their photos to bring more tourism and boost the economy.

To chase your rainbow, download Rainbow Chase in your app store or click here.

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