‘I have to do this’: 10-year-old girl jumps into race to help her mother finish marathon

Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 1:25 PM HST
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(CNN) - A mother in Utah was running on fumes during a recent marathon until she got an assist from a very unexpected running mate.

Sometimes you just need a little push from a helping hand.

And such was the case with Courtney Rich, a marathon-running mother, who found herself struggling to finish the final mile of a race.

“I could feel my legs slowing down and I was thinking I was going to disappoint my kids,” Rich said.

But it was one of her kids who came to her rescue.

Rich’s 10-year-old daughter Avery jumped in and helped her down the final stretch.

“It took me a second and then I realized it was Avery in her Crocs running with me!” the mother said.

Avery added, “I saw another little girl finish with her mom and my mom was struggling even more than that. So, I was thinking she needs it, I have to do this.”

Rich said Avery’s supportive surprise gesture made all the pain go away and the pair crossed the finish line hand in hand.