Members of the media run through HPD’s grueling use-of-force training

An eye-opening experience as the media is put to the test in HPD’s use-of-force training exercises.
Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 9:09 PM HST

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The media was put to the test Friday in HPD’s use-of-force exercises — training that’s required of every Honolulu police officer and even the chief.

Each participant was given holsters with a training firearm and Taser.

Participants went through three exercises, including trying to handcuff a suspect in the dojo over 90 grueling seconds.

Their sense of awareness was tested in the simulator room, where they had to decide whether to open fire on a burglar.

The final test was facing an armed suspect outdoors.

Maj. Manuel Hernandez, of HPD’s Training Division, said all officers must make reasonable use of force decisions.

And there are three factors involved in determining reasonableness: The severity of the crime, the level of threat and the subjects level of resistance.

“You have to have all of these preparations in your mind of how to react how to protect yourself, protect the public, protect the innocent side, bystander but also keep your eyes basically on a swivel,” said Hernandez.

“You’re looking for every subject, everything coming your way, all processing real time so there’s a lot of stress.”

Honolulu Police Commission member Ann Botticelli was among those who participated in Friday’s Media Day.

“I thought it was an incredible opportunity to understand what is happening out there in real time with people who you don’t know anything about,” said Botticelli.