Three top financial strategies for building wealth

Consistency and strategic investing are key
Published: Dec. 20, 2022 at 10:02 AM HST
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InvestigateTV - According to a recent study a recent study by Ramsey Solutions, the path to becoming a millionaire is often self-made. The research found that almost 80% of millionaires did not inherit wealth, rather they made their money through consistency and strategic investing.

Danetha Doe, a financial expert, was recently named alongside Mark Cuban and Warren Buffett as one of the top 100 financial experts by Go Banking Rates.

Doe shared three essential strategies to build wealth:

Create a business or a side hustle: Doe wanted to learn how to build wealth without sacrificing her lifestyle, so she created Money & Mimosas, a website on how to become an investor. This website provides a consistent income stream that augments her income.

Pick smart investments such as real estate: Doe said real estate has proven to yield a greater return on investment than the stock market. You do need cash upfront to invest, but the returns speak for themselves.

Change your money mindset: Doe suggests that you approach your financial life from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Surround yourself with folks that think creatively and think abundantly. She said being satisfied with what you have helps stave off unnecessary purchases that can eat away at your financial security.