At 10, he’s credited with saving his mom’s life. All in a day’s work for this ‘junior paramedic’

He was recognized as a “junior paramedic” in a special ceremony.
Published: May. 18, 2022 at 5:14 PM HST|Updated: May. 18, 2022 at 6:12 PM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Every year, Honolulu EMS answers more than 120,000 calls.

And one call that will stick in paramedics’ minds happened Wednesday morning.

Cody Agnell noticed his mom was seizing early Wednesday. The 10-year-old recognized his mother’s symptoms and called 911. During the call, he calmly let the operator know what was happening.

Later that very same day, he was recognized as a “junior paramedic” in a special ceremony.

Agnell and his mother were always supposed to be at that ceremony, which recognized National Emergency Medical Services Week and EMS for Children’s Day.

Back in March, his mother had another medical emergency.

At that time, Agnell didn’t know how to reach emergency services. Instead, he ran to a neighbor who called paramedics. But on Wednesday, he was able to make the call himself.

“Parents, teach your kids how to call 911,” he said.

His mother was resting in the hospital as Cody received his award from Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi and Honolulu Emergency Medical Services Director Jim Ireland.

“I think you’re an inspiration to young people, that if they ever had to, to do what you did,” Blangiardi said. “So thank you.”

“He knew what to do because his parents had taught him,” Ireland added. “And it also shows the professionalism of our dispatchers.”

Despite all of the excitement, the one thing Agnell had on his mind was missing school.

So the mayor called up the principal.

“In the midst of all the fame, this young boy is stressed out that his perfect attendance record is going to be jeopardized,” Blangiardi said on the phone with the school leader. “So I’m calling you.”

His principal promised his attendance record will not be sullied.

Blangiardi also thanked Honolulu EMS for their courage and life-saving skills. He presented them with a proclamation for National EMS Week.

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