Uber drivers are quitting due to high gas prices

Published: Mar. 9, 2022 at 11:16 AM HST
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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) – Soaring gas prices are inescapable, even for those who aren’t behind the wheel.

Daniel Kohler is quitting his job as an Uber driver because he said he’s not making any money doing it.

“It’s time and money, and it’s just not there,” Kohler said.

According to the IRS, it costs about 58 cents per mile to drive your car. In western New York, Uber drivers only make about 67 cents per mile making a small profit margin of just 11 cents.

Kohler said there’s more than that.

“I’m paying car insurance at $155 a month, cause I’ve gotta have collision, I’m paying a car payment of $278 a month on this,” he said. “And where’s my time? I have no time.”

Chris Gerace is another Uber driver and about as close of an expert on the gig as you can get.

“It can be eating into your profits a substantial amount where you might not break even, you might be losing money and not realize it,” he said.

Gerace said Uber drivers walking off the job can have a major impact on the customers.

People using Uber to get around could expect longer wait times, and the rides could become more expensive regardless of the time and distance of the drive.

Gerace said the best thing customers can do to help Uber drivers is to be ready for pickup when their ride gets there and to tip them well.

“That’s gonna help the best,” he said.

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