Sister of teen killed by officers makes threats that could lead to more legal trouble

Published: Jun. 27, 2021 at 6:10 PM HST|Updated: Jun. 28, 2021 at 12:01 PM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On her private Instagram account, the older sister of 16-year-old Iremamber Sykap condemned the officers who took part in the shooting of her brother.

“Watch me find ways to kill urs (sic) then you,” wrote Nia Sykap. “Oh someone’s got kids ... yessir. Hope y’all’s wife can fight too.”

Retired federal agent Tommy Aiu believes the Honolulu Police Department or federal law enforcement can open a terroristic threatening investigation based on this Instagram posts.

“She went way beyond that. She went way beyond f-bombs. It’s actual threats, I’m going to kill you, yours and your family,” Aiu said.

“Police need to proceed with caution to make sure the officers are safe, their family are safe because when these kinds of threats are levied, you never know what can happen.

But attorney Eric Seitz, who represents the Sykap family, disagrees.

He said the comments were made on a private Instagram account that weren’t meant to be made public but were shared by somebody else.

“I regret that those comments were made but this family is devastated by what happened and I don’t begrudge them any comments that express the degree of outrage which they’re entitled to feel when their 16-year-old brother, son and grandson was gunned down by eight bullets in the back by two police officers who are being raised up as heroes,” said Seitz.

Sykap was killed in April after police shot him after a high-speed chase.

Prosecutors have charged Officer Geoffrey Tom with second-degree murder and Officers Zackary Ah Nee and Christopher Fredeluces with second-degree attempted murder.

Prosecutors said Thom shot Sykap eight times in the back, killing him. They said Ah Nee shot his brother Mark Sykap in the shoulder and left hand, injuring him.

In order to make a terroristic threatening case, the threat has to be imminent and specific and the person making the threat has to have the ability to carry it out.”

Nia Sykap could not be reached. But Seitz said there’s no real threat to the officers and their family members.

“That’s a natural kind of reaction. They’re not going to go out and do anything against these police officers the way the police have been coming by bothering them,” said Seitz.

But Aiu disagrees.

“To make threats at any point in this type of investigation and this type of criminal proceeding, is unwarranted. It should not be done. Let the system run its course,” he said.

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