5-year-old Texas boy was dead for weeks before reported missing, officials say

Published: Jun. 4, 2021 at 6:54 AM HST
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HOUSTON (Gray News) – Horrific new details are being learned in the death of what’s believed to be Samuel Olson, a missing 5-year-old Houston boy, KTRK reported.

WARNING: The following description may be disturbing.

Authorities say he was dead for weeks before he was reported missing.

The details shed new light on an interview with his father’s girlfriend from before the body was found.

“Words can’t even describe how distraught, overwhelmed, scared so many emotions,” Theresa Balboa said on Monday.

A child’s body was discovered in a motel Tuesday night in Jasper.

Court documents say Balboa’s roommate got a call from her about May 10, saying Samuel was dead.

He told authorities they kept him in a bathtub for two days before putting him in a black and yellow container and taking him to a storage unit.

The boy’s body stayed there for nearly three weeks until court documents say Balboa had a man drive her and the container to Jasper while police combed her southeast Houston apartment.

That man called Crime Stoppers, leading police to the child’s body and Balboa.

Some have questioned why the boy’s parents weren’t suspicious sooner.

On May 27, Samuel’s father, Dalton Olson, called the police to report his son missing. He said Balboa had been babysitting the boy since April 30.

Balboa told authorities that Samuel’s mother, Sarah Olson, had picked him up with a uniformed police officer.

Dalton Olson’s attorney says that he felt like it was possible because of the contentious divorce proceedings going on between the two.

Samuel’s mother and father were in court four days before Balboa made the claims.

Sarah Olson later provided authorities with surveillance video from her home to show she couldn’t have taken the child.

About a year ago, she was charged in Galveston County with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was accused of hitting Samuel’s father with a car.

Dalton Olson’s attorney says she was trying to take Samuel from his birthday party and, considering that, the story seemed believable.

The boy’s body has arrived in Harris County and will undergo an autopsy.

Balboa has been charged with evidence tampering.

Houston police say she may face additional charges.

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