With a growing trend in property crime, HPD provides tips to prevent home break-ins

Updated: May. 14, 2021 at 7:18 PM HST
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Wahiawa homeowner, who experienced a recent burglary, is hoping to bring awareness to the importance of protecting your property.

Long-time Wahiawa resident, Dennis Kishi, was in the hospital when burglars broke into his home through the side window.

“Nowadays robbers, they’re not too safe, they crazy,” he said.

Kishi has Jalousie windows, which the police department said are easy to take apart.

“Consider swapping them out for sliders or, if you can afford them, go out to the hardware store and they do Jalousie clips that prevent the Jalousie from coming out so easily,” said Chris Kim of Crimestoppers.

Kishi doesn’t have security cameras and said the burglary could have happened anytime between May 5 and May 10.

The avid fisherman said $20,000 worth of fishing supplies were taken. He said he is glad he wasn’t home because he thinks the thieves would have hurt him otherwise.

Crimestoppers is offering tips to prevent break-ins after requests from detectives. Kim pointed out two recent incidents where people were home when thieves attempted to break-in.

Kishi said he is already taking action and making modifications to his home security.

“Install new lights here, one in the back, and I’m ordering like three, four more. And I’m going to try get some cameras,” said Kishi. “I’m old school, so you don’t think that you have to do all this, but now you have to.”

According to a national study, many people don’t think about security products until they’ve been victimized.

Kim said having a good rapport with neighbors or even using a visual deterrent could make a difference. He suggested using signage such as “Beware of Dog” or “Premise is being monitored by security cameras” signs.

“Just everybody be safe and be careful and watch where you put everything, you know valuable things,” said Kishi.

Because burglaries can be difficult to investigate without good surveillance video or other evidence, police advise people to be vigilant and lock their doors.

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