But seriously, folks, this comedian hit a golf shot in every state in 30 days

In 30 days, a comedian reached his goal of hitting a golf shot in every state

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Stand-up comic Jake Adams gets his best material from the game of golf. He likes to poke fun at his favorite sport.

“The traditional values and patriarchy that goes along with what people think golf is not why I play the game,” he said.

Adams is based in LA. He has a healthy Instagram following that feast on his amusing commentaries on golf swings, and he’s a pretty good player.

“I’m about a two-handicap some days. I can get around a little bit,” he said.

In April he got around a lot, literally.

“Day one of trying to hit a golf ball in every state in America. I don’t know why,” he said in an Instagram video posted on April 1.

That tee shot from a hill with the iconic Hollywood sign in the distance kicked of a month-long personal challenge to strike a golf ball in unconventional places.

“I’m at the Grand Canyon. Finally, a target I can hit,” he said, on Day 2.

“I’ve always done dumb things just to kind of entertain myself,” Adams said.

He crisscrossed the mainland in his car and used the internet to pinpoint the next scenic spot to drive his biodegradable golf balls. Those he shot into waterways were made of fish food pellets.

“Hopefully, people know that I’m not doing this to mess up the earth or the environment,” he said.

Adams hit his shots off mountains and in open fields. He used a corn cob and a sandwich as golf tees. He teed off on a football field and in a hockey rink. He precariously perched on river rocks and even struck a shot from a snowboard.

Each video contains a short skit or a funny line.

Adam’s crazy challenge grew his Instagram audience who followed every swing. Some fans even joined him to tee off.

“It was awesome to meet some people along the way and build some friendships throughout this journey,” Adams said.

An apparel company sponsored the trip. A crazy golf quest is Adams’ annual thing. He’s already planning for next year and what could be a fundraising drive for charity.

“I found out during this trip that Europe has exactly 50 countries. That’s going to be the next one,” he said.

On Friday, Adam’s month-long golf tour came down to his last swing.

“Day 30 of trying to hit a golf ball in every state, Honolulu, Hawaii,” he said on the Instagram entry.

Game over.

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