King’s Cathedral on Maui still faces public backlash despite reporting no active COVID cases

Despite state saying COVID cluster is under control, Maui church is still dealing with backlash

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Although the state says a major coronavirus cluster at King’s Cathedral on Maui is now under control, church leaders say members are still dealing with public backlash.

The state Department of Health’s latest cluster report released on Thursday shows there have been no new clusters or cases in churches in Maui County in the past 14 days.

Last week’s cluster report showed one active cluster, totaling 90 cases, reported within the past 14 days.

“In the particular case of King’s Cathedral and Chapels, we found cases in multiple locations — not just the Kahului cathedral. So those are all being lumped together here,” said Acting State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Kemble at Mayor Mike Victorino’s news conference on Wednesday.

Despite the state reporting no current active cases at King’s Cathedral, the church said members are still facing backlash.

“Very hesitant on allowing them into restaurants, into businesses,” said King’s Cathedral Administrator Kelly Davison.

“One child was discriminated against as a teacher asked any students in the classroom to raise their hand if went to King’s Cathedral.”'

Davison said the 90 cases were spread out across 24 locations within the three different islands in Maui County and among 3,500 members.

“KC members, they shop … they’re in the community, they’re in baseball games, they’re in schools,” Davison said.

Right before Easter, DOH asked the church to immediately stop all in-person services — but the church never did.

Davison says that’s because they follow CDC guidelines, wear masks and pews are spaced six feet apart.

“We are operating in a safe environment, we are considered an essential institution where we need to remain open to help provide food, services and hope and prayer for the community of Maui,” he said.

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