In their DJ studio, brothers teach special needs youth the art of digital music mixing

Hawaii youth with special needs can learn how to take a spin at the turntable

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kyle Dung is a digital music genius and master mixer. Syncing songs comes second nature to him as his hands fly from turntables to knobs to buttons and back.

The 32-year-old runs a DJ studio called Wax Academy in the Mililani Town Center.

“A lot of that connection that we have with music is communal based, and it’s shared with other people. I like that aspect,” he said.

Wax Academy offers lessons to aspiring ”scratchers” and also to youth with special needs.

“The majority of our community is individuals on the autism spectrum,” Kris Dung said.

Kris is Kyle’s brother and the founder of the non-profit Never Quit Dreaming that helps youngsters who are developmentally challenged.

The Dung brothers found the hands-on aspect of DJing effectively reaches that audience.

“We kind of noticed scientifically it will touch three pieces of senses ― the sound, the touch, and the sight,” Kris said.

The brothers believe their studio might be the only DJ school in the nation that regularly works with children, teens and young adults with special needs. Weekend sessions fill up fast.

Hoopio Balaz is a student.

“This week, I’m re-learning more about syncing, not only that, but also more of the effects on the board,” he said.

Wax Academy offers one-on-one instruction to anyone who wants to master the art of mixing. There is a fee for lessons and a discount for the developmentally disabled.

“A lot of the aspects that I’ve been focused on is technical aspects of DJing,” Kyle said.

When Kyle entered DJ contests he won a big competition in Los Angeles. Now he shares those skills with very special students.

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