Spearfishing Champion Kimi Werner makes a splash on Talk Story

Published: Apr. 19, 2021 at 12:25 PM HST
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McKenna Maduli welcomes fellow content creator Kimi Werner into the Talk Story Hale to learn all about her YouTube series and life as a new mama. Kimi Werner and her husband create a very popular YouTube channel documenting their real life adventures and immediate passions - food, family, foraging and fun! McKenna learns some Maui lingo and just how deep Kimi can dive on breath of air.

About: The ocean has long been a source of sustenance, inspiration and adventure for Kimi Werner. As a young child growing up off the grid in an isolated part of coastal Maui, she floated behind her father as he freedove for her family’s primary food source. Only later as an adult on Oahu did she understand the central role the ocean was to play in her life when she discovered her own passion for free diving.

Kimi has gone on to become the United States National Spearfishing Champion, a certified culinary chef, an award winning artist and a sought after speaker. Her daily life is a pure fusion of her talents, rooted in sustainability and geared towards a healthy future for our global community.

For More Information: @kimi_swimmy

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