ScoringLive seeks help from the community after the financial fallout of the pandemic

ScoringLive seeks help from the community after the financial fallout of the pandemic

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - For more than a decade, has been a staple of Hawaii high school athletics, but like many local businesses in Hawaii, ScoringLive was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s pretty obvious, not only for us, but it’s been hard for small and large businesses, not only statewide, but you could argue across the country and even the world that the effects of the pandemic, obviously it took its toll on us.” ScoringLive founder Brien Ing told Hawaii News Now. “Not only because our product that we cover high school sports, it obviously hasn’t seen any thing by way of games for we’re going on more than a year now.”

In an open letter to the public, Ing says that the lack of high school sports and revenue has forced them to ask for donations from the community that they’ve served for 11 years.

“I never wanted to have to get to the point where we would have to do this,” Ing said. “but in my mind I was confident that if we ever had to, I think that the response that we would get would validate what we’ve mean’t and you know hoped that we’ve accomplished in terms of impacting people and you know just providing something that was worth keeping around.”

ScoringLive asks for help from community after financial fallout of the pandemic

A “Support SL” button has been added to the top of their homepage with Ing saying that any amount will help the site survive and even improve, however if you cannot donate money, Ing just wants to hear from the people of Hawaii.

“What’s been like the most touching or moving thing is to see people that we don’t even really know, they’re writing some stuff about what it’s meant to them or how they don’t want to see something happen.” Ing said. “The money is important obviously, but man, those stories are really what I’m looking to see, I wrote in the end of that piece, even if you can’t donate, email me and tell me a story, that’s like worth something, they’re important and I think that’s what drove us in the beginning and it still drives us to want to do, you know what we’re doing.”

Founded in 2010, has evolved from a sports statistics website into a household name across the islands, venturing into digital content creation and streaming to cover all of the various prep sports across the state without a subscription fee — something Ing will never change.

Ing closes the letter asking the public to email him at to share stories of how the site has impacted a school or a student-athlete, adding that if league games are played this school year, ScoringLive will cover the games — albeit in a downsized capacity.

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