Data offers insight into how many frontline workers have received COVID vaccine

Data offers insight into how many frontline workers have received COVID vaccine

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Frontline caregivers and police officers were among the first in line for a COVID vaccine, but preliminary figures indicate not everyone jumped to get a shot.

Data collected from Hawaii’s major hospitals shows about 73 percent of frontline healthcare workers have received at least one dose.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Hawaii Pacific Health: 70%
  • The Queen’s Health Systems: 75%
  • Kaiser Permanente: 75%
  • Maui Memorial: 75%
  • The East Hawaii Region of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation: 71%.

Hilton Raethel, head of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, believes those numbers are likely higher because current data doesn’t take into account staff who work at multiple facilities.

“They know they haven’t vaccinated that person,” Raethel said. ”But they haven’t asked that person have you been vaccinated somewhere else.”

He says a more through review of the numbers is underway.

Meanwhile, data from the Honolulu Police Department shows as of Feb. 1 about 1,600 officers and civilian personnel got the shot. That’s roughly 70% of the department.

On Kauai, the percentage was much lower.

Only 97 of KPD’s roughly 200 officers and personnel were vaccinated, or 49%.

In a letter to Hawaii News Now, Big Island Police Chief Paul Ferreira declined to release the number of officers vaccinated, citing privacy concerns. However, he said he’d “received a good response.”

A spokesperson for the Maui Police Department told HNN they were working to collect the data but haven’t provided it.

Wes Lo, head of Hale Makua Health Services, says there may have been hesitance at first. He added it’s been his experience the more time that passes, the more willing people are to get the shot.

“People don’t always want to just read about it in the paper what the effects are. They don’t want to be first,” Lo said. “So they’re waiting to see some of their coworkers get it.”

Vaccines play a critical role in achieving herd immunity. To do that, health experts estimate between 70 to 90% of the population needs the shot.

An update on vaccination percentages in long-term care facilities is expected on Sunday.

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