From Christmas gifts to a prospering business, Oahu couple focuses on new venture

What started as Christmas gifts turned into a prospering business for a Hawaii couple

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Fred and Cheryl DeAngelo have always had an eye for creative cuisine.

The couple spent more than three decades in Hawaii’s culinary industry. During that span, Fred was the former executive chef at Palomino, and the couple also opened a restaurant at the Turtle Bay resort.

Cuisine was their livelihood that was only projected to get bigger and better. In early 2020, they had plans for a dine-in venture at the Ala Moana hotel and then COVID arrived and their opening was repeatedly pushed back.

“In March, we kind of thought October,” Fred said about their plans to open the Ala Moana restaurant. “Summer came and we kind of thought February, which kind of made sense, but honestly, even if it was February right now, we wouldn’t be ready. So Cheryl and I really believe that there’s always a reason for something.”

In the meantime, they crafted a new idea, and sort of changed their business model.

Creating cheese and charcuterie boards has long been Cheryl’s passion and with no gatherings allowed, she’d make boxes for family and friends.

“When they couldn’t come over and we couldn’t spend time with them, I wanted to figure out a way to just make them feel like we were thinking about them and they were always on our minds,” Cheryl said. “I would create the cheese and charcuterie and put it in boxes and deliver it to their homes.”

Over the holidays, she and Fred passed out 20 to their loved ones, but then through word of mouth and social media, outside requests started pouring in.

“Strangers started messaging me and then, I was like ‘wow, this is kind of amazing,” Cheryl explained. “They don’t even know me, but they’re looking at my Instagram and then I started getting some followers and then we started delivering it to them in that first two weeks.”

The DeAngelos made roughly 400 deliveries in a span of two weeks and thus, Bubbly and Bleu was born.

In just a month-and-a-half, it’s evolved from an online store, where the boxes are assembled in a commercial kitchen, to talks of a long term brick and mortar location.

“I always tell my daughter to just focus on the positive and just be grateful for what you have and things have a way of working out,” Cheryl said.

Although the pandemic brought its hardships, the DeAngelos are continually amazed at the success of their venture, especially considering, it didn’t need much time to age.

“For us it’s a family effort and together, hopefully things will work out and we’ll be able to share something special to a lot of people,” Fred said.

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