Hawaii GOP chair: ‘We must begin the peaceful transfer of power’

‘We must begin the peaceful transfer of power,’ Hawaii GOP chair says

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The chair of the Hawaii Republican Party on Thursday accepted Joe Biden’s presidential win despite contradictions on social media.

“I believe that with the certification of the vote that we must begin the peaceful transfer of power and we have much work to do to be ensure elections security, but I believe that we must begin the peaceful transfer of power, absolutely,” said Shirlene Ostrov, in a live interview on Hawaii News Now Sunrise.

Her comments were made after lawmakers in Congress confirmed Democrat Joe Biden as the presidential election winner on Wednesday night, following hours of violent riots at the U.S. Capitol, when Trump supporters breached the building, clashing with law enforcement.

Ostrov denounced the riots, saying, “We absolutely condemn all violence no matter who did it. The events of yesterday, the events always, the answer is never violence.”

Her comments, however, appeared to contradict statements that were made by the Hawaii GOP Twitter account shortly before. The account quote tweeted another news organization’s tweet reporting Facebook would ban Trump from its site indefinitely.

Hawaii GOP wrote, “Thereby confirming to many Republicans and MAGA supporters that the system is rigged. It was startling to see President’s Trump’s message to peacefully disperse censored and blocked by Twitter yesterday.”

When asked about the tweet, Ostrov said she took responsibility for the account and added that the group’s focus will be on organizing the party and make up the grounds lost in the election.

The tweet was removed shortly after her interview with HNN.

On Wednesday, a small group of Trump’s supporters gathered outside the state Capitol, showing support with Make America Great Again hats and Trump flags to make their voices heard.

Many rejected the violence in Washington, D.C., but they backed the president’s rejected claims of widespread voter fraud even though he lost more than 50 lawsuits trying to prove it.

President Trump won about 200,000 votes in Hawaii in November, while Joe Biden got nearly twice as many. Still, a vocal group of supporters in the state remain adamant that the election was rigged despite the lack of evidence to support that.

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