Hawaii gyms saw enrollment plummet in 2020, but they’re slowly welcoming members back

New year’s resolutions could help push gyms following COVID setbacks

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Working out is a common New Year’s resolution.

And that’s translating into a much-needed spike in business for Hawaii’s struggling gyms.

Scott Cook, general manager of Planet Fitness Honolulu, said enrollment isn’t as high as last year. “But I mean, we still have a nice steady flow of people coming in, which is really nice to see.”

David Morenfield, co-owner of F45 Training Hawaii Kai, has also seen an increase.

“We had 40 people join in the last 30 days, which is great for December because December is generally the month where you see people kind of take their foot off the gas a little bit,” he said.

Morenfield said following the second shutdown in August, they lost 66% of their members and went from having 270 enrolled to 90.

To keep the boutique fitness facility going, Morenfield said they worked to find ways to keep people feeling safe while still offering ways to stay in shape.

Members get temperature checks and are following social distancing protocols.

“Those pods have their own individualized set of equipment, so you’ll never be sharing equipment, you’re socially distant,” said Morenfield.

Despite setbacks in 2020, the gyms remain positive says 2021 looks promising.

“So, you know, as long as we continue to grow the way we are, as long as we continue to keep people safe, even if we don’t have this massive explosion of growth in 2021,” said Morenfield.

“I feel like we’re happy and I feel like it’s still a win.”

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