In a year marked by tragedy, Hawaii remembers those we’ve lost to COVID-19

In a year marked by tragedy, Hawaii remembers those we’ve lost to COVID-19
Hawaii's Lives Lost to COVID-19 (Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - The youngest victim of COVID-19 in Hawaii was in his 20s. The oldest were well past their 80s. And all of them were taken by the virus before their time.

Since the pandemic began, Hawaii has lost nearly 290 people to COVID-19.

The victims have come from all walks of life. They have been mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, colleagues and friends and neighbors. The scale of their loss is immeasurable and ever-present.

[SPECIAL SECTION: Read the stories of those we’ve lost to COVID-19.]

Hawaii reported its first COVID-19 death in late March — an elderly man on Oahu.

The toll would continue to rise, sometimes at an alarming pace, in the weeks and months to follow.

Those who have died include Arthur Whistler, a well-known ethnobotanist and prolific writer who inspired scores of young scientists; Dayna Inouye, a Dole Middle School clerk who could brighten a room with her smile; and Jane Hirota Pang, a member of Hawaii’s Tennis Hall of Fame.

As has been the case nationally, members of the Greatest Generation have been hardest hit by the virus.

To memorialize all those we’ve lost, Hawaii News Now has created a new digital section with the stories of some of Hawaii’s COVID-19 victims.

These remembrances represent a fraction of our collective tragedy.

If you have a loved one who died of COVID-19 and would like to share their life, please reach out to us. Click here to send us an email or call our newsroom at 847-1112.

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