Cal Lee and the Saint Louis Brotherhood rally behind Aaron Mikami as he battles COVID-19

Saint Louis School community rallies behind Aaron Mikami as he battles COVID-19

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Saint Louis School announced on Monday that Aaron Mikami, a Crusader alumni and assistant football coach, was in the hospital battling COVID-19.

The school made the announcement on their social media platforms Monday afternoon, asking for prayers from the Saint Louis brotherhood, including former Crusaders head coach and current defensive coordinator Cal Lee

Lee recalls the impact that Mikami had on a Saint Louis team that won their fourth-straight HHSAA Open Division State title in 2019, saying he was a spark of energy every time he touched the field.

“You know when Aaron comes onto the field for practice, everybody’s excited because he’s got that look on his face that he loves being here and you can’t help but get excited when you see him.” Lee told Hawaii News Now. “He’s got that energy, you know, that gets you fired up, so I think the players and the coaches love it when we see Aaron out here and that’s what makes coaching football so much fun because not only you feel good, I mean the whole team feels good when he’s out here.”

Not much is known about Mikami and his diagnosis, but coach Lee says that his immediate reaction was how can he help his assistant coach.

“I think everybody’s asking, I mean nobody really knows what’s happening for him, how he’s doing, you know what I mean.” Lee said. “Like anything else, the first thing you want to know is how’s he doing, what can we do to help him and right now I just tell the guys to give lots of prayers for him, Just pray and hope the good lord takes care of him and gets him back to Kalaepohaku.”

Despite the unknown, Lee knows that the 2002 Saint Louis graduate is a fighter and will do his best to overcome COVID-19.

“He’s a tough guy, I know he’s battling in there and our thoughts and prayers are for him and his recovery, safe recovery,” Lee said. “You know we wish we could do something for him, whatever we could, but he’s such a lovable guy, so we love him like heck.”

Coach Lee knows that the Saint Louis ohana will rally behind Mikami, saying that being a part of the Brotherhood has a lifetime membership.

“The Brotherhood is very strong, you go to Saint Louis you would realize that good or bad, whatever happens we’re all together, we’re for you.” Lee said. “I mean in times like this, when somebody has COVID-19, everybody feels. I got calls from everywhere across the nation asking about him and how he’s doing, they all want to do something for him and that’s what the brotherhood is all about.”

On top of coaching, Mikami was an on-air radio personality and a music producer, working with the likes of Josh Tatofi and Henry Kapono.

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